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Mobile Legends is a very popular esport, and like other free-to-play multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), you can spend money on skins and other rewards. However, did you know there are ways to get Diamonds, the premium currency, for free? This is good news for players who refuse to spend a penny on their games.

How to Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends

For those interested in learning the secrets of getting free Diamonds, you’re in the right place. We won’t include dangerous methods like hacks, as they can compromise your account. Make sure to read to the end for all the tricks.

Getting Diamonds for Free in Mobile Legends

The best way to get plenty of Diamonds is to spend money on the game. However, not everyone is a fan of doing this. Instead, you can earn Diamonds with the following methods.

Streaming Mobile Legends

Much like streaming on YouTube and Twitch, viewers can gift streamers Diamonds. The game streamed has to be Mobile Legends, of course. There is a list of gifts, which includes:

  • Flower for two Diamonds
  • Jewelry for six Diamonds
  • Roadster for 250 Diamonds
  • Yacht for 1,000 Diamonds
  • Airplane for 5,000 Diamonds

If you manage to stream the game and attract a sizeable crowd willing to support you, this method is the most viable example to earn Diamonds.

The Lucky Spin

Going to the “Draw” section in the shop will let you play the Lucky Spin. You’ll spin a wheel and get one of the rewards on it, but what you receive depends on luck. Other than skins, you may get Diamonds occasionally.

We don’t recommend spinning for Diamonds, as the skins are much better in comparison, but it is an option.

Fighting in Tournaments

Are you confident in your Mobile Legends skills? If yes, you can always sign up for Tournaments. Making it far in these competitions will reward you with Diamonds and even real money. The Diamond Challenge Series tends to have some of the largest prize pools.

Redeem Codes

If your favorite Mobile Legends streamer releases a code, any player can redeem it for free Diamonds. While you can redeem the codes on the official website, it tends to lag. Should the website not work when you visit, try to wait for another time and return.

Codes can also contain rare skins, which isn’t necessarily Diamonds, but they’re worth their weight in them.

Downloading a Survey App

Apps like Google Opinion Rewards reward you with Google Play credit. By answering enough surveys and saving credit, you can purchase Diamonds from the Play Store. This trick takes a while, as the rewards aren’t the most generous.

Remember to use legitimate apps only, as the others may compromise your privacy. Other than Google’s app, Easy Rewards is another legitimate one to check out.

Diamonds Are My Best Friends

Mobile Legends is considered quite generous when it comes to free Diamond offerings. You can always find a way to earn them without spending a dime. Even so, spending money is undoubtedly the superior method.

How many Diamonds do you have? Do you like using codes for redeeming rewards? Let us know in the comments section.

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