Star Wars Squadrons: How To Change Components of Ships



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Although Star Wars Squadrons has just been released, it has been highly appreciated by Star Wars fans. The most admired feature of the game by the players is the multiplayer feature. That way, you can fight and defeat other pilots in the Star Wars universe. Also, another remarkable feature in Star Wars Squadrons is that your ship is customizable. In other words, you can change the components of your ship in your way.

Star Wars Squadrons: How To Change Components of Ships

Let’s see how to change components of ships in Star Wars Squadrons.

How To Change Components Of Ships In Star Wars Squadrons

The ship is your everything in Star Wars Squadrons. You can fight other players and defeat them with your ship. For this, it is crucial that your ship is strong. By changing your ship’s components, you can make your ship stronger and customize it according to your taste and play style.

To customize your ship in the game, you can swipe down on the main menu to open the customization menu. You can start modifying your ship’s components by selecting one of your “Rebel” and “Imperial” ships in the customization menu. You can change your ship’s weapon or shield system or add aesthetic values to your ship’s appearance in this menu. In other words, in the customization menu, you can change your ship’s components and customize the appearance of your ship.

Finally, there is one thing to remember when you change your ship’s components. Every upgrade you make has its positive and negative sides. If you change parts considering both sides, it will make a more balanced ship, and you can win the battles more easily.

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