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EA, Star Wars Squadrons’ developers haven’t been exciting their fans with this game’s predecessors. Game after game, they disappointed the Star Wars franchise fans.

Star Wars Squadrons Controller Or Keyboard | What Is Better

But is it any different these days? For example, mouse and keyboards players had always had an issue with Star Wars. Players would over-aim and over-fly. It was uncontrollable. But have they changed anything, or is the controller still better for this game?

We have the answers, and we will tell you whether the controller or keyboard is better.

What is Better: Controller or Keyboard in Star Wars Squadrons

Not surprisingly, there are exciting game mechanics that need to be considered—the flying and shooting aspects, for example.

They have managed to pull it off and make it look as realistic as possible. Furthermore, if you play with VR, you will feel like you are really in space.

Nevertheless, while looking good, is it easy to control on a keyboard? Mind you, you are in a spaceship that has to turn 1440 degrees while also shooting at enemies.

Well, the short answer is no. Star Wars Squadrons are better on the controller. There are just not as many movement options for a keyboard.

With a controller, you have one or two moving sticks for movement, so the movements are much more manageable. On top of that, it seems like the controller’s movements are much more fluent and consistent.

Please don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself or see what all of the other players are saying. There are thousands of players complaining about this issue daily.

We haven’t heard anything from EA about the particular issue, but knowing EA would most likely not be changed. Nonetheless, I feel like they did all they can to make it right for the keyboard as well.

For some, that might not be enough, and for some, it’s all they need, but as we know, the keyboard does have limitations, especially if you want to fly a spaceship with it. Chances are it’s here to stay, so if you are considering Star Wars Squadrons, then your best bet is a controller.

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