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Star Wars Squadrons just came out. It is one of the most fun open-space shooters of all time. On top of that, you can experience this game in VR too!

Star Wars Squadrons Max Level | What is Max Level

After joining the game, the chances are that you will be eager to join the game’s multiplayer side. It has tons of customizable options, game modes, and similar. But what level can you reach in these battles?

Star Wars Squadrons has a level cap, and we will tell you the max level in-game.

What is The Max Level in Star Wars Squadrons

There is something about leveling up that feels so rewarding. Knowing that you have grinded for the last few days to reach the next level attaches the suffering to the level up, and it feels like such an achievement later on.

With that being said, usually, low-cap games are not as rewarding as the higher ones. Gamers are continually looking to progress as long as possible before reaching the endpoint.

In Star Wars Squadrons, the max level in-game is level 40.

At level 40, you can expect to have most of the cosmetic and other upgrades already unlocked. But is this the end of progression in the game? Well, yes and no.

Technically, it’s the max level, but all the progress you make after that point will be showcased to the world next to your name. This way, you can show your enemies just how much further after the max level cap you have gone.

If you want to level up fast, there are a couple of ways you can do that. It’s mostly just playing the game more, since you get extra EXP from things you do in-game, like dodges, kills, tricks, etc.

For now, it is unknown whether this will remain the max level in Star Wars Squadrons. EA, the game’s developers, haven’t stated anything in particular, but players are speculating that more levels are imminent. Nevertheless, if you are a member of the Star Wars, then fly safe!

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