StarBlood Arena Devs: VR is F**king Incredible; Talks PS4 Pro, Demo, and Potential DLC


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StarBlood Arena is out now for PSVR, and to celebrate the launch of this exciting new game, the developers took to Reddit to answer any and all questions from the PSVR community. A lot of the questions were taco-related (no, we’re not sure why either) but we’ve taken the most relevant stuff and compiled it here for your eyes to absorb. There’s some interesting stuff ahead, so get ready for a little read.
WhiteMoon Dreams, the developer behind StarBlood Arena, was asked about VR in general and if they think it will become more mainstream.

StarBlood Arena Devs: VR is F**king Incredible; Talks PS4 Pro, Demo, and Potential DLC

My personal opinion is that VR will eventually be just another way to play games. It won’t take over traditional flat-screen games – it will just be another tool for Game Studios to tell a deep, exciting, interactive story. As technology gets better (faster and smaller) new ways to experience entertainment will present themselves, and VR will still be with us – just like 8-bit styled games are still being developed now.

When asked about the possibility of additional content in the form of DLCs, this is what WhiteMoon Dreams had to say:

We can’t really say just yet, but we (and definitely Sony) will be watching to see how you guys like the game and how you like to play it. We’re all listening to your feedback!

So it looks like it’s a possibility, though only if the game is worth investing more resources into. Fair enough, we suppose. The studio was also asked about the trials and tribulations in going from PC development to PS4:

It wasn’t too hard to go from PC to PS4 since the PS4 is so powerful and UE4 is a top-notch engine. However, going from PS4 to PSVR was a big learning process and we stumbled a lot there. Then, we completely underestimated how much work it is to localize a retail game for console, which caused us and especially Sony a lot of heartache. But we nailed it all at the end of the day and learned a lot. Really big up to Sony for being so patient with us.

Then when the team was asked about VR:

VR is fucking incredible. Developing for it, playing in it, dreaming about it at night… no amount of chat or screenshots can beat actually putting on a headset for the first time.

Oh dear. Potty mouths them lot at WhiteMoon… But at least the studio is passionate about VR, so we’ll let ’em off this time. Which is for the best, too, because if we locked them in the Pure PlayStation cellar (visit and say his to Sean Murray!) we’d never get to see what’s coming next:

We have all kinds of crazy ideas for VR – if we get the support to do cross-platform support, then we’ll definitely do it. But the most important thing to us is to build incredible experiences first. Sony has been an incredible partner in that regard and allowed us to bring StarBlood to life and would definitely do it again, given the opportunity.

And finally, if you’re hoping to play against people from across the pond (EU vs. US) then you’ll be alright so long as you’ve got a decent internet connection:

We did try playing against folks in EU from US and we didn’t experience any latency issues, so we think that as long as your connection to the server is good, then everything’s cool.

And finally, when asked about the enhancements that PS4 Pro players will get, the studio gave its answer:

It’s a pretty hefty resolution enhancement. It’s a silky, sexy view from the cockpit of a Pro-induced game.

As for the potential demo… The studio is remaining very coy about the subject. When asked about the demo that was first hinted at with the update for the PSVR Demo pack, the developers just gave a little wink. C’mon, we know it’s coming. Don’t be a jeb, just let the people know!
And that’s the lot. The rest was pretty much “tacos are amazing!” and “we’ve eaten every variety of taco!” and, well, yeah. You get the picture. They like tacos.

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