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Genshin Impact is yet another open-world RPG filled with exploration, quests, and… you guessed it… cooking! If you’re familiar with Breath of the Wild, you may recognize a lot of the aesthetics in Genshin Impact. But the actual “cooking“ part is a bit different.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

Especially since the game doesn’t give you much direction on the process.

Find out what to do with all of those ingredients and how to get rewards from your cooking skills.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact

Processing ingredients in Genshin Impact is relatively straightforward:

  • Find a cooking pot with a lit fire
    1 3 2
  • Interact with the pot
    2 2 2
  • Choose “Cooking”
    3 2 2
  • Pick the ingredient you want to process from the menu tab with the chilli pepper icon
    4 1 2

One of the easiest places to go to process ingredients is the cooking fire with Lynn of the Adventurer’s Guild. She’s located right outside the windmill city, Mondstadt. Lynn also offers a brief tutorial with modest rewards when you complete the cooking quest.

Processing times can take a while, so it’s okay to start ingredient processing and come back to it.

If you happen across a cooking area with an unlit fire, you can light it to continue processing ingredients. Simply hit it with one of Amber’s arrows or use another party member with fire elemental damage.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on PC

The basic steps are the same when you’re processing ingredients on different systems. If you happen to be on a PC, you press “F” next to the cooking pot to start cooking or processing ingredients. Choose the tab with the chilli pepper icon to get to your processing menu and select the ingredient you’d like to process.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on iOS

Processing ingredients involves the same general steps, regardless of the device that you’re playing on.

  • Find a cooking fire
    1 4 2
  • Interact with the cooking pot
    3 2 2
  • Choose the Process menu depicted with a chili pepper icon on the tab. Choose the ingredient you’d like to process
    4 1 2
  • Wait for processing
    5 1 2

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on Android

When you’re ready to process ingredients in Genshin Impact on Android, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the relevant ingredients. You aren’t going to get very far if you don’t have ingredients to process.

Genshin Impact Process Ingredients

Next, find a cooking pot.

Cooking pots are available all over the open world. But if you just need one in a hurry, one of the easiest ones to find is right in front of Mondstadt, the city of windmills.

Go up to the cooking fire and interact with the pot. When you do this, the cooking menu will pop up. You want the tab with the chilli peppers on it. Select that tab, and if you’re doing it correctly, you’ll see the word “Process” in the upper left corner.

How to Process Ingredients in Genshin Impact on PS4

Playing Genshin Impact on PS4 may give you more control because you have more button options than on a mobile device. However, processing ingredients happens in the same way:

  • Go to a cooking fire, make sure that it’s lit
    2 2 2
  • Interact with the cooking pot
    3 2 2
  • Press R1 at the cooking menu to get to the Process tab. Choose your ingredient(s)
    4 1 2
  • Wait
    5 1 2

If you’re processing multiple ingredients, you don’t have to babysit during the processing time. You can always leave and come back to pick up the ingredients later.

How to Process Three Ingredients in Genshin Impact

You can process three ingredients at the same time as long as you have the base ingredient in your inventory.

To start, go up to a cooking pot and interact with it to bring up the cooking menu. Select the chilli pepper icon for the processing sub-menu and click on the ingredient you want to process.

Choose up to three of the same ingredients and click Confirm to get started.

The timer on the ingredient counts down the processing time, but it doesn’t represent all three ingredients. Instead, it’s the total processing time per ingredient. So, if you’re processing x3 flour at 60 seconds, you’re looking at 180 seconds total for it to finish.

How to Do the Process Ingredients Quest in Genshin Impact

The quest to process ingredients is more of a tutorial than an actual quest. This means that the game just wants to teach you how to do it. And it’s a pretty simple process:

  • Go to a cooking pot
    1 3 2
  • Interact with the cooking pot to bring up the cooking menu
    3 2 2
  • Go to next menu tab denoted with chilli pepper icon
    4 1 2
  • Choose an item to process
    6 1
  • Confirm the action and wait
    5 1 2

Of course, two necessary things need to happen to successfully process ingredients. The first is that you need ingredients that require processing. You can either find these out in the wild or purchase them.

The second thing you need is a cooking fire that’s lit. If you try to interact with one that isn’t already lit, the game will prompt you to light the fire so there’s no guesswork involved. Just use Amber’s arrows or another party member with a fire element.

How to Do the Process Three Ingredients Quest in Genshin Impact

The “Process 3 Ingredients Quest” is a simple one to complete if you’ve already processed ingredients before. Just go to the closest cooking pot and interact with it to bring up your cooking menu. Tab over to the Process menu by pressing R1 or tapping on the tab with the chilli peppers on it.

Next, select three items to process. You can select three different items and they will queue as each one completes. However, the easiest way to complete the quest is to process flour because it has one of the lowest processing times.

Choose the flour icon and enter in “3” and confirm your action. Flour takes approximately 60 seconds to process for each one, so you can either wait the 180 seconds or leave and come back for it.

Additional FAQ

What Is Processing Ingredients in Genshin Impact?

Processing ingredients turns one ingredient into something different. These new ingredients allow you to cook foods that you have recipes for.

How Do You Process 3 Ingredients in Genshin Impact?

When you get to the processing menu, choose three different ingredients or three of the same ingredients. Ingredients process one at a time, regardless of which ones you choose.

Where Can I Process Food in Genshin Impact?

You can process food at any cooking pot found in the world or inside towns. Interact with the pot to access the processing menu.

What Is the Reward for Genshin Impact’s Ingredients Quest?

There are a few different quests that involve helping NPCs get ingredients and rewards vary depending on quest level.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFor example, completing Xiangling’s Secret Ingredient quest yields rewards like:u003cbru003e• 175 Adventure EXPu003cbru003e• 6575 Morau003cbru003e• 3 Wanderer’s Adviceu003cbru003e• 8 Fire Enhancement Oreu003cbru003eu003cbru003eHowever, the “Process 3 Ingredients” quest doesn’t give the same type of reward. Instead, players receive an increase in Chapter 3 Investigation Progress when they go back to collect the processed ingredients.

Process Ingredients for More Perks

Ingredient processing isn’t just for quest completion. The game wants you to learn these basics so that you have access to more cooked foods. These foods then give you a much-needed buff when you’re in the middle of a boss battle.

Don’t be shy about processing foods at your next cooking pot. You never know when you’ll need those ingredients for a life-saving boost.

How often do you use the cooking system in Genshin Impact? Which recipes did you find most useful? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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