Steam: How to Fix “Could Not Connect to the Steam Network”



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Just about when you’re ready to sit down and enjoy your favorite games, you start Steam, only to find out that something is wrong with the network. This is common, and players keep getting the “Could not connect to the Steam network” error. The fixes aren’t quite set in stone for this error, and for everyone this error might appear due to different reasons. Nevertheless, we will outline most of the troubleshooting techniques that you can use below.

Steam: How to Fix “Could Not Connect to the Steam Network”

Let’s get you ready to enjoy your leisure time and get you back in-game!

How to Fix “Could Not Connect to the Steam Network”

Usually, this happens when players try to login to their account. Before jumping into the fixes though, we need to check whether the connection you have is stable.

Go to the official website to test your internet connection. If everything here seems the to act as it should be, then you can start with the first method.

This is how to fix this issue:

1. Restart Steam

Try to restart the Steam client. Shut it down from the task manager – CTRL + Alt + Delete and then click on Task Manager.

Open Processes find and click on Steam, then press “End Process” at the bottom right corner of the screen. If that didn’t fix the issue, try the second method.

2. Change Internet Protocol

  1. Create a new shortcut of your Steam executable file.
  2. After that, right-click the shortcut and click on Properties.
  3. In the shortcut tab, in the target input field, after the double quotes, write “-tcp”.
  4. Next, click Apply and then OK.

Find out whether this has solved the issue. If not, don’t worry we have a few more ways you can fix this error!

3. Update Windows

Open your Start menu, and type in “Windows Update”. After the window opens, click on check for updates. This won’t just check for Windows updates, but also for the latest drivers as well.

So, if you have an old install of a network driver, that might cause this problem. But if that’s the case, updating your system should fix your issue.

4. Reinstall

Unfortunately, at this point, if none of the fixes worked for you, then maybe it’s time to reinstall the Steam client.

Most people are hesitant of reinstalling their whole client and no wonder why. However, even from the start, this had the most chances of fixing the issue, but I though it’d be best, left for last.

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