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Apart from a few things that are new, like 2021, Steam has also changed quite a bit about its application. There was a big update just before new year that changed Steam on a couple of levels.

Steam New Update: How to Set Game Launch Options

Among many, one thing that was changed was Steam’s launch options. Before the update, it was pretty straightforward to set-up any game’s launch options, and even though it isn’t complicated now, but rather simpler, players keep having trouble since it has changed quite a bit.

In order to clear things up a bit, we chose to show you how to change your game launch options after Steam’s recent update, to get those juicy launch settings again.

How to Set Game Launch Options – Steam’s New Update

As I said, changing your game launch options is probably easier than ever. However, the main thing that many players struggled with is finding out what the new method is.

Some other changes to Steam after the new update include some interface changes, store changes, and much more. However, let’s stick to the main topic at hand, and that’s setting your game launch options after Steam’s most recent update:

  1. Launch your Steam application.
  2. Like before, navigate to your Library.
  3. Find the game for which you want to change your launch options.
  4. Right-click the chosen game and open Properties.
  5. In the General tab, you should see Launch Options at the bottom, input yours, and simply click on the X to close the window.

Before Steam’s new year update, what you had to do was go into your Properties for the desired game, and click a few buttons to navigate to where the launch options were.

Interestingly, now they’re in the General tab, and even though navigating is easier than ever, some players still missed that they’re in the General tab.

Nevertheless, that is how you change your launch options on Steam at the moment, and it is unclear whether Steam will leave things as is, or return to the old interface. Chances are that this will remain and stand.

Let us know what you think of the update, whether it has become easier to navigate, clearer, or worse.

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