Does Subnautica Below Zero Have VR Support on PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox



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Subnautica Below Zero is the type of game which will benefit drastically if it was in VR. Below Zero is an expansion to the original game, for which there was support for VR on PC. But now that the game is available on multiple platforms like the PS5, PS4, and Xbox, does it have support for VR on those platforms? Read on to learn more!

Does Subnautica Below Zero Have VR Support on PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox

Is There VR Support for PC, PS5, PS4 & Xbox – Subnautica Below Zero

In any way you look at it, Subnautica Below Zero is a game which will be exceptional in VR. The game in it of itself is amazing, but going through the depths and surviving in harsh environments in VR, sounds, quite frankly, sick.

However, the news are grim. Unfortunately, there is no VR support for the PS5, PS4, Xbox, or even PC for Subnautica Below Zero. What a bummer, but it is understandable.

Making such a vast game with those mechanics optimized for VR must be a nightmare. The game’s director even said that the standalone version of the game, without VR, is very hard to optimize for PlayStation.

So, even performance on the regular game is difficult, not to mention VR. However, seems like there is hope, since Charlie Cleveland, the game’s director, went on to say that they’re looking into it. Nevertheless, that was back in 2018 though.

PC players have it better, since it is possible to get Subnautica Below Zero in VR on the PC. Since modding is a thing on PC, there are mods that allow for VR functionality.

Stability for VR on PC is hard to be determined, since there is a lot of mixed information about the topic. Some are getting game-breaking issues, and for some, the VR mod is very stable. In any case, VR is better than no VR.

At the moment, this is the only way to experience VR in Subnautica Below Zero, and whether this function will be added in the future is highly unlikely.

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