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Subverse came out not that long ago. FOW Interactive, Suberse’s developers, kept up most of their promise. This erotic shooter RPG is one of the most ‘unique’ game experiences one can have in an RPG. Even though there was a lot of feedback about the game’s lack of interaction during erotic scenes, the game made it to the hearts of some players.

Subverse: How to Save Game Progress

Nowadays, it has a reasonable player-base, but there is an underlying issue with Subverse. Players cannot seem to figure out whether the game progress can be saved or not.

Save Game Progress in Subverse

So, is it possible to manually save the progress in Subverse? Well, Subverse has auto-saving, but interestingly, when you open the pause menu, there seems to be a greyed out save button at the bottom of the screen.

Bad news. While this is intended for a manual save, players cannot save the game manually using the button in the pause screen in Subverse.

However, not all is lost.

While players cannot manually save the current location and the current accumulated progress in a certain stage, the auto-save works in every loading screen.

For example, when you’re starting off a certain stage, the game will auto-save to that stage. On top of that, the autosave works while shutting down the game, which means that players don’t need to fret about losing progress when shutting off the game.

There are some compelling scenes in the game which players might want to return to, which makes no manual save even more unfortunate, but there is a way to extract the save files if a player chooses to do so.

On Windows, as well as Linux, players can copy and save the save progress files on the side as a backup. On Windows, navigate to the path: %LOCALAPPDATA%SubverseSavedSaveGames.

There, you will find all of the save files, which you can keep on the side if you choose to do so.

As for the Linux players, it is as simple as Windows. What you need to do is go to the following path: Your Steam Folder/steamapps/compatdata/1034140/pfx/.

If you want to replay a save file that you copied as a backup, you can do so by replacing the current ones you have in the game’s folder. Simply copy the latest ones at a other location as backup, and place the other ones inside.

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