Monster Hunter Rise: Farm Altaroth Jaws & Stomachs



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There is no doubt that Monster Hunter Rise is a challenging game. The toughest job inside the game is not hunting monster as many might think it is. It is actually finding certain monsters, insects, or NPCs, that have a chance to drop you something useful you might need for your quest. One particular insect which is fairly difficult to locate is Altaroth.

Monster Hunter Rise: Farm Altaroth Jaws & Stomachs

These insects are exceptionally weird and bizarre. Sometimes they get some materials and carry them to their nest. So, when you kill them, you will get certain Altaroth resources, along with some riches or junk.

Farming Altaroth Jaws & Stomachs – How-To

One of the most important materials that you might need from this insect are actually its jaws and stomach. But even when you find this insect, it must be killed a certain way.

Nonetheless, they can be found easily if you know what type of environment the inhabit.

To find Altaroth jaws and stomachs, one must kill Altaroths, and they can be found on an Expedition of the Frost Islands.

Now, as far as killing them, like I said, they’re quite bizarre. Technically, you can kill them with your main weapon, but this will make it so that you can’t skin them. Which means that you will be losing some jaws and stomachs in the process.

Instead, what you want to do is kill them with a poison explosives. They’re relatively easy to make and/or find, and they will allow you to skin these insects.

The drop chances for stomachs are 50% on dropped materials and 50% on carves. As for jaws, you will have a 25% chance to get one from dropped materials, and a 25% one on carves.

That is why it is so important that you carve them, as they’re only a handful in the Frost Islands. Kindly, follow along the great tutorial video from above, to have the best chance of getting some stomachs and jaws.

But for those that want to get them as quickly as possible, you can get them, as I said, in the Frost Islands, but at the n.6 part on the map. This area will have four Altaroths.

Kill them using poison explosives, and then carve them. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied with the amount of resources!

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