Take a Closer Look at Robin from Gotham Knights



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Gotham Knights has already given us a closer look at Nightwing, but now WB Games has released a character gameplay trailer for the OG Boy Wonder, Robin.

Take a Closer Look at Robin from Gotham Knights

Check this out:

Robin believes Gotham City needs a hero and he’s going to make sure it has one. The fight won’t be the same without his mentor, but that’s up to Tim to figure out. Robin’s got to believe in himself if he’s going to prove he has what it takes.

While a lot of fans had believed that the game would have Bruce’s actual son Damian Wayne play the part of Robin, Gotham Knight’s version of the character is Tim Drake, the third Robin from the comics. Like Nightwing before him, Tim was also able to take on his own superhero identity by adapting the mantle Red Robin.

When it comes to gameplay, Robin has his own unique set of skills. He’s able to access the tech from Batman’s Justice League connections, so he can turn invisible and teleport all over the battlefield. He can also leave holograms of other characters and lay traps for enemies.

Nightwing has his eskrima sticks, and Robin has the use of his bo staff. The staff itself is also decked with special features, all with the purpose of dealing out punishment to the criminals of Gotham.

Gotham Knights is set to come out this Oct. 25 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.

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