The Boys Showrunner Wants to Make a Video Game with Hideo Kojima


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Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima had recently revealed that he had to shelve a project because it was too similar to Amazon’s The Boys, but now The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has a proposal for the celebrity game director.

The Boys Showrunner Wants to Make a Video Game with Hideo Kojima

Replying to Kojima’s post on Twitter, Kripke pitched that Kojima work on a Boys video game with them. Here’s Kripke’s reply:

Kripke even got the support of Homelander star himself Antony Starr who replied with ‘Second the notion.’ to Kripke’s tweet. Kojima is yet to post his own reply.

We don’t know how similar Kojima’s idea would have been to The Boys, but he did say that it had something to do with a ‘special detective squad facing off against legendary heroes behind the scenes.’ Kojima said that he wanted Mads Mikkelsen to be the lead, but he had to put the project down after he realized it was too close to The Boys.

If anything, the gameplay elements of Kojima’s game could still work; the only change would be that he had to tell a story that was set in the world of The Boys. With Kojima Productions usually working with original IP, a team-up with some licensed IP might be able to sell pretty well, especially with the popularity of the show.

Who knows, maybe a team-up could be beneficial down the line. Hopefully Kojima is willing to play along.

You can catch The Boys now on its third season on Amazon Prime Video.

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