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There are a lot of things you have to fight and survive against in DayZ. It is a fun game, but it can be quite stressful micromanaging all that goes up against you in this zombie-infested world. Aside from the zombies themselves, you have to worry about a selection of diseases you can get in various ways while scouring for loot and gear.

How To Get Rid Of Sickness in DayZ

In DayZ, sickness is something that will affect your character in various ways. Most commonly, however, some diseases can cause your character’s death if you don’t mind them carefully. The good news is that while the diseases are plenty, there is a selection of ways to remove them for your character’s health. Here are all of the diseases in the game and how you can cure them.


Influenza is one of the most common diseases in DayZ simply because it is easy to get. You can catch the flu by being exposed to rain for excessive periods. You can also get it from staying in low-temperature areas for too long. Lastly, avoid players that have the flu as they can pass it on to you. You can determine this if you hear their character sniffle and sneeze.

You can cure influenza by taking tetracycline pills. You can find this at pharmacies and even at home. Since these take up little space in your inventory, it’s always worth having one in your pocket as well. Avoid staying in the rain for too long. If your clothes get wet, make sure you change immediately to avoid getting influenza.

Keeping warm is very easy. Make sure you have enough insulation through clothing and make sure you have the means to produce fire all the time as well.


Cholera is one of the most severe diseases in the game and is contracted by drinking contaminated water. Symptoms of cholera include vomiting, dehydration, and blurry vision. You can also get it if you eat or drink while your hands are dirty. If you keep cholera festering in your body, you’ll be more vulnerable to tasks. Blurred vision will also make it harder to do specific tasks.

To treat cholera, all you need to do is drink some tetracycline pills. Unless necessary, do not drink untreated water and make sure to never eat with bloodied hands as well. Cholera may not seem bothersome at first, but it will grow worse over time. Keeping clean and sanitary will go a long way in terms of preventing your character from getting cholera.


During the early parts of the game, where food is scarce and starting fires are more difficult, you will often be left with no choice but to eat raw meat. While this is not always bad, there is a good chance of getting salmonella by eating raw meat. As much as possible, only eat cooked food. Like cholera, salmonella can cause vomiting, dehydration, and loads of other symptoms.

You can treat salmonella by taking charcoal tablets. Again, these are found inside pharmacies and inside homes too. Make sure to stock up on this, as you will find yourself eating raw food most of the time. Capsules and other medications do not take up a lot of space inside your pockets, so do not ignore these as you scour the world for loot.

Chemical Poisoning

Chemical Poisoning can be acquired by consuming one of these things: alcoholic tinctures, disinfectant sprays, and gasoline. You can get this by chance, but keep in mind that the more you drink these, the higher the chances of getting chemical poisoning. The symptoms of chemical poisoning are blood loss and dehydration, which can eventually result in death.

Chemical Poisoning is one of the most critical diseases in the game, and you need to cure it as soon as you can. To cure chemical poisoning, you will need to take charcoal tablets to lower the symptoms effectively.

Heart Attack

Heart attacks are gotten differently as compared to other diseases in the game. To get this, you will need to lose blood at a rapid rate. That means getting your bleed level at around level 3-4. A heart attack can damage your health, knock out your survivor, and eventually cause your character to die. As such, this is one of the worst diseases in the game.

To cure a heart attack, you will need to use an epinephrine auto-injector. You can get this at pharmacies and hospitals mostly. Any form of blood loss can result in a heart attack, so you should make sure to bandage up your wounds whenever you get on. Of course, you should also make sure to bandage up your injuries if you get cut in the game.

Brain Disease

Brain disease is one of the weirdest diseases in the game. To get it, you will need to eat either raw human meat or human steak. While this might seem like something you will not have to consume, some players consume human meat in emergency scenarios where they cannot find food anywhere else. If you are not careful, you may mistakenly eat human meat as well.

Symptoms of brain disease include tremors and laughter. Both of these can significantly hamper your playing experience. Unlike other diseases in the game, you cannot get rid of brain disease. The only way to remove it is by killing your character. Surprisingly, brain disease doesn’t cause death in the game, but it dramatically affects your survival skills.

Hemolytic Reaction

Hemolytic Reaction is gotten if your character is treated with blood from another player that is incompatible with yours. Once you get a hemolytic reaction, you will get symptoms of blood loss. This can result in a heart attack and other related diseases. Hemolytic reaction cannot be cured and does take a while to recover from. When you get it, try not to put your character in enemy-heavy locations.

These diseases in the game are not exactly bothersome, but the symptoms they cause can result in your character’s death. Once you get the right gear, try to visit a hospital or a pharmacy as soon as you can so you can stock up on medicine. The more you are prepared to fight off these diseases, the longer you will survive in the game.

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