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In the vast world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, obtaining a trusty steed to aid in Link’s epic journey is a pivotal moment in the game. As in previous installments of this beloved franchise, acquiring a horse is a significant step toward traveling around the kingdom of Hyrule and conquering its challenges.

How To Get a Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

In this adventure-filled world, obtaining a horse is practical and deeply immersive, allowing players to forge a meaningful connection with their equine companion. This guide will teach you how to get a horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

Here, we will delve into the intricate steps and strategies required to secure your noble steed. We will ensure you navigate the kingdom’s vast landscapes with style, grace, and the unbreakable bond between horse and hero.

Horses in Tears of the Kingdom

Horses appear frequently in The Legend of Zelda series. They are a speedier traveling method in practically every game where they appear. They allow Link to go to different areas around Hyrule in less time.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Horses are almost identical to the game’s predecessor, Breath of the Wild. Horses that Link can find have varying stats. These stats are the following:

  • Strength – This refers to the horse’s health. How much damage it can take before it dies.
  • Speed – This refers to how fast the horse can run.
  • Stamina – This refers to the number of times the horse can gallop or sprint without recovering. This is represented by the spurs on the HUD when galloping.
  • Pull – This refers to how well the horse can pull objects.
  • Temperament – There are two kinds of temperament: Gentle and Wild. Wild Horses usually have better stats than Gentle ones. However, Gentle Horses are easier to tame than Wild ones. Wild ones are harder to handle until a bond is developed than Gentle ones. The spotted ones usually have a Gentle temperament. On the other hand, the solid-colored ones usually have a Wild temperament.

In this game, there is a new feature called Pony Points. Link may get Pony Points for specific actions like registering or taking a horse out from a stable. With Pony Points, Link can purchase various items. An example of this is a bridle for his horse. Link can then equip the bridle to attach his Ultrahand creations to the horse like a wagon.

If the Nintendo Switch you are playing Tears of the Kingdom on has a save file for Breath of the Wild, the horses from the older game are transferred to Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find a Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Like its predecessor, Link usually finds many horses in large open areas in Tears of the Kingdom. These large open areas are around the vast surface of the kingdom of Hyrule.

Link can head to many fields and wide open areas across Hyrule to find horses. Examples are Hyrule Field, the Faron Grasslands, and the Akkala Highlands. Link may also discover them in mountains, snowfields, and coasts. Link can also find them with Bokoblins on their back in more diverse landscapes. Also, they are generally found in the general area of the different stables across Hyrule.

The following are some sure spots where Link can find some horses:

  • In the fields south of Lookout Landing.
  • In Whistling Hill. This is northwest of the Riverside Stable and the Tajikats Shrine.
  • In the fields west of Orsedd Bridge. This is near Yamiyo Shrine in the southeast of Hyrule Castle.
  • In Windvane Meadow. This is northeast of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower and Mayachin Shrine.
  • Near the Ash Swamp. This is northeast of the Dueling Peaks Stable.

Link can find horses in singles or groups of two to four in the above locations.

How to Get a Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

A screenshot of Link trying to tame a horse in Tears of the Kingdom

To get and ride a horse, Link must tame it. To do that, Link must have enough stamina. The more difficult it is to tame, the more stamina Link needs. It is important to note that, as mentioned above, Wild Horses take longer to tame than Gentle ones. If Link doesn’t have enough stamina, he will fall off its back, and it will run away.

Method 1: Manually Taming Your Horse

To get a horse, Link must do the following:

  1. Once Link spots a horse, stay a good distance away from it. If it is a group, ensure they do not see or sense Link. Otherwise, they will run away.
  2. After that, slowly approach them from behind with the least noise possible. To do that, press the left stick so that Link crouches. The player can know the amount of noise Link generates using the purple waves on the HUD left of the map below the temperature gauge. Link can also equip stealth armor like the Yiga Set, Stealth Set, or Evil Spirit Set to increase Link’s stealth. Not only that, but Link can also consume dishes made using Silent Shrooms to get a stealth boost.
  3. Next, once Link is behind one, a prompt will appear. Quickly press the A button to mount it.
  4. Then, once Link has mounted the horse, it will resist and fight back. Link must now attempt to tame it. To do that, rapidly press the L button to calm it down. This is the part where Link’s stamina is needed and used. It helps to consume energizing meals and elixirs before this if Link does not have a lot of stamina.
  5. Finally, once the horse has calmed down, Link can ride it around the kingdom of Hyrule!

Method 2: Jumping Onto the Horse’s Back From a Paraglider

There is another method to approach a horse without getting it to notice Link. This method, however, requires Link to be falling from a great height and the Paraglider. This can be from a tall cliff or diving down after being launched using a Skyview Tower. To get a horse using this method, Link must do the following:

  1. From a high point, like a cliff, or diving down from the skies, use the Paraglider to glide toward the horse.
  2. Next, land on its back to mount it.
  3. After that, it will now resist and fight back. Repeatedly press the L button to calm it down.
  4. Finally, once it calms down, Link can ride it around Hyrule!

Method 3: The Easiest Method of Taming a Horse

The abovementioned methods are the most basic ways to get a horse in Tears of the Kingdom. Here, we will discuss the easiest way to do that. Link must have a Bow, an Arrow, an Ice Fruit, or a White Chuchu Jelly for this method. Also, for this method, Link will use the Fuse ability.

To get a horse using this method, Link must perform the following:

  1. Once Link finds a horse, stay a good distance away from it. Ensure it does not notice or see Link, or it will run away.
  2. Hold the ZR button from the distance to aim Link’s Bow and Arrow. During this, hold the up directional button to select an item to fuse to Link’s readied arrow. Use the right stick to navigate the White Chuchu Jelly or Ice Fruit. Once selected, remove the up-directional button to fuse the selected item to Link’s arrow. Link has now created an Ice Arrow!
  3. After that, aim on the horse and, once ready, let go of the ZR button to shoot the Ice Arrow on it. If done successfully, it will become frozen in place.
  4. Next, quickly run towards the frozen horse. Stand beside the horse, wait for the ice to disappear, and free the horse.
  5. Following that, quickly press the A button to mount the horse.
  6. Then, the horse will now try to fight back. Repeatedly press the L button to soothe and calm it.
  7. Finally, once it calms, Link can ride the horse around the kingdom of Hyrule!

When using this method, make sure to use a weak bow. If Link uses strong bows, Link may accidentally kill the horse.

How to Register a Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that Link has a horse, he must register it at a stable to own it. If it is registered, Link can store or take it at the stables; its location is visible on the map, and Link can call it using the down directional button to whistle.

To register a horse, Link must do the following:

  1. First, while riding the horse, go to any of the stables around the surface of Hyrule.
  2. Upon arriving, head to the front desk and talk to the manager. Link can talk to the manager without getting down from the horse. To do this, get close to the front desk and, once the prompt appears, hold down the ZR button and press the A button to talk to the manager.
  3. Then, the manager will ask if Link wants to register the horse. Select “Yes, please.” on the prompt.
  4. Next, the manager will show the horse’s stats and ask if Link is sure he wants to register it. If you do not like its stats, select “No.” and get another one. If you do, select “Yes.” on the prompt to continue.
  5. After that, give a name to Link’s new horse. It is important to note that the horse’s name can only have a maximum of 9 characters.
  6. The manager will then ask if you are sure of the given name. Select “Yes.” on the prompt to continue.
  7. Finally, Link has registered it and can keep or take it out of the stables!

Once Link has registered a horse, the manager will give Link one Pony Point. The stable will also equip it with a saddle. There are lots of different possible customizations for it. However, Link must acquire more Pony Points to equip them.

If Link has a new horse, it will sometimes disobey Link’s commands and move in another direction. To avoid that, Link must improve his bond with it. If Link and the horse’s bond is strong, the player can just let it move by pressing the A button, and it will follow the roads without the player using the left stick. 

To improve Link and the horse’s bond, Link must do the following:

Method 1: Soothe the Horse Regularly

To increase Link’s bond with the horse, Link must periodically soothe it. Link can do that by riding it and pressing the L button to soothe it. Pink hearts will appear near its head if the soothing succeeds. This indicates that Link and the horse’s bond has increased.

Method 2: Feeding the Horse

Another way to improve the bond between Link and the horse is by giving it food. To do this, press the + button and use the L or R button to navigate the materials page. Using the left stick, navigate to a food item like an Apple or an Endura Carrot. Press the X button to start holding items, then press the A button to add one food item to the held items.

Finally, press the B button to return to the game. Link can simply hold the food item before the horse to feed it. Alternatively, Link can drop the food item in front of it to feed it. Doing so will also result in pink hearts near the horse’s head. This means that Link and the horse’s bond has been improved.


Getting a horse in Tears of the Kingdom is an achievement that enhances gameplay and immersion in this captivating world. Players can forge a deep connection with their equine companions by following the steps and strategies outlined in our guide. This will improve the player’s mobility and sense of adventure in the game.

The bond between Link and his trusty steed symbolizes the enduring spirit of exploration and partnership, making the Legend of Zelda series a timeless classic. So, saddle up, embark on this thrilling journey, and let your faithful horse be your steadfast companion as you conquer the challenges in this unforgettable adventure!

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