How To Make An Axe in Tears of the Kingdom


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Learn how to make an axe in Tears of the Kingdom!

How To Make An Axe in Tears of the Kingdom

At last, the follow-up to Breath of the Wild is officially here, and there is a lot of new stuff compared to its predecessor. Numerous new mechanics exist in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. One combines different objects with Link’s weapons, shields, and arrows.

This ability helps greatly as Link embarks on a thrilling journey as the courageous hero to save Hyrule from darkness. Among the various tools at Link’s disposal, making an axe is essential to help Link in his adventure. So, in this guide, we will learn how to make an axe in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Fuse Ability

To have the power to combine, Link must first acquire the Fuse ability. Link can use this ability to combine an object with his equipped weapon, shield, or even arrows. This power allows Link to create different weapons, weapons, and arrows with different effects.

Also, the fused gear improves the combined weapon or shield. The player may reverse the fusion through Link’s inventory. However, doing so will destroy the object combined with the weapon or shield.

To get the Fuse ability, Link must enter the In-isa Shrine, titled “The Ability to Combine.” This is the second Shrine that Link encounters in the game. The In-isa Shrine is up a mountain near a large lake northwest of the Room of Awakening. Link can find the Shrine in the southwestern part of the Great Sky Island. To be more precise, Link can enter the Shrine in these coordinates: 0027, -1503, 1408.


In Tears of the Kingdom, using an axe has a few advantages. Aside from using it to attack enemies, Link can use an axe to chop trees easily. With axes, Link can chop trees with only a couple of strikes.

Link can then use the logs from the chopped trees as materials to attach to contraptions using the Ultrahand ability. Another use for the logs is to get bundles of wood to make campfires. Link can strike the logs again using the axe to get some wood.

In addition, Link can use the axe to break wooden crates and barrels easily. Link can obtain arrows and small items from these wooden crates and barrels, like apples and mushrooms.

Aside from making one, Link can acquire an axe around the kingdom of Hyrule’s open world. Link can find an axe inside treasure chests, stuck in tree stumps or lying around, sometimes set against a wall.

There are many combinations to create an axe in Tears of the Kingdom. Some combinations do not even mention that the weapon is an axe. However, they still function the same.

How to Make an Axe in Tears of the Kingdom: Requirements

Link’s most basic materials to make an axe are the base weapon and a stone.

1. Base Weapon

A screenshot showing a tree branch club in Tears of the Kingdom

The first material needed is the weapon to combine the stone. Link can use any kind of weapon to make an axe. The player can even use a Tree Branch as the base weapon. The axes that Link can find all over Hyrule usually have Wooden or Thick Sticks as their base weapon. The only exception is spears. Combining spears with a stone will make a halberd.

The most important thing to know when choosing a base weapon is that it dictates the durability of the fused weapon. The stone or whatever the player decides to fuse to the base weapon will add to the durability of the whole new weapon.

But, usually, the base weapon is more durable than the fused object. Not unless you want to fuse a Diamond, which adds a lot of durability to the base weapon. However, that is not an axe. The point is that the more durable the weapon is, the longer Link can use it.

Another thing that is important to note is that, of course, the base weapon will dictate what kind of axe Link will make. A one-handed weapon will make a one-handed axe, which is great for striking more quickly. A two-handed base weapon will make a two-handed axe, which usually has a bigger damage output.

2. Stone

A screenshot of a rock in Tears of the Kingdom

The stone is the blade of the fused axe. That may sound simple enough, but it is important to note that Stones should not be switched with a Rock. It is easy to confuse them with each other because they look similar. To differentiate them, the Stones usually have more jagged edges.

Rocks, on the other hand, are usually slightly bigger and generally look more round. If the player is still unsure if it is a Stone or a Rock, read the item’s name carefully when it pops up. Combining a base and a Rock will make a hammer-type weapon.

This weapon is more effective in breaking ore deposits to get Zonaite or other gemstones. Although, a hammer-type weapon also works great for breaking wooden crates and barrels.

Fusing a Stone to a base weapon is the most basic way to make an axe. What’s great about a Stone is that it is easy to find. What’s not great about it is that it adds very little attack power.

However, as mentioned above, Link can also use other materials to make a weapon that functions like an axe. What’s great about using other materials is that they add more attack power to the axe than Stones. Among these materials are the following:

Soldier Construct II Horn

Link may get a Soldier Construct II Horn after defeating a Soldier Construct II. To find them, Link can head to the Sky Islands and fallen sky islands on the surface of Hyrule. Fuse a Soldier Construct II Horn to a base weapon, and it will add 8 to its attack power.

Soldier Construct III Horn

Link may get one after eliminating a Soldier Construct III to obtain one. Link can find them in the Lanayru Sky Archipelago, Thunderhead Isles, and the Miryotanog Shrine. When fused, the Soldier Construct III Horn adds 18 to the attack power of the base weapon.

Soldier Construct IV Horn

Link may get the horn of a Soldier Construct IV after defeating it. Link can find these enemies in the Lanayru Sky Archipelago and the Thyphlo Ruins. The Soldier Construct IV Horn will add 24 to the attack power of a base weapon when fused.

Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn

Link can defeat Blue Boss Bokoblins to get their horns. They are usually found around Hyrule Field and the Lanayru Great Spring. When fused to a weapon, the Blue Boss Bokoblin Horn adds 16 to the attack power of the base weapon.

Black Boss Bokoblin Horn

To get Black Boss Bokoblin Horns, Link must eliminate Black Boss Bokoblins. These monsters are usually found around Hyrule Field and in the East Necluda region. The Black Boss Bokoblin Horn adds 27 to the attack power of the base weapon when fused.

Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn

Link can also defeat Silver Boss Bokoblins to get their horns. These powerful monsters are roaming around Hyrule Field and the Depths. The Silver Boss Bokoblin Horn will add 37 to the attack power of the base weapon once fused.

Hinox Toenail

Link can acquire a Hinox Toenail by defeating, you guessed it, Hinoxes. This can be a regular Hinox, a Blue Hinox, and a Black Hinox. These monsters are usually found in these locations: Satori Mountain, Carok Bridge, Thundra Plateau, Hebra Headspring, Dalite Forest, Hebra North Crest, and East Deplian Badlands. A Hinox Toenail adds 7 to the attack power when fused to a base weapon.

Lynel Saber Horn

To acquire a Lynel Saber Horn, Link must defeat a Lynel. Link may find some in Hyrule Field and the Central Hyrule Depths. The Lynel Saber Horn will add 22 attack power to the base weapon.

Blue-Maned Lynel Saber Horn

Link may get a Blue-Maned Lynel’s horn after defeating it. These enemies are in the Lanayru Great Spring and the Eldin Canyon Depths. Link can fuse this to a base weapon and gain 33 more attack power.

White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn

To get a White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn, Link must eliminate the powerful White-Maned Lynel. Link can find these fearsome enemies in the Faron Grasslands Depths and the Central Hyrule Depths. When fused, the White-Maned Lynel Saber Horn adds 44 to the attack power of the base weapon. This material gives the strongest attack power with an axe-like effect in the game.

How to Make an Axe: Step-by-Step

A screenshot of Link picking up a rock with the Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that the player knows all the necessary materials to make an axe, it is time to make one. To do that, Link must do the following:

  1. First, equip the desired base weapon. To quickly do that, hold the right directional button and use the right stick to navigate to the desired base weapon. Once selected, let go of the right directional button to equip. Link can also equip a weapon by selecting the weapon in the inventory and selecting “Equip” on the prompt.
  2. Next, look for a stone on the ground. If the player wants to fuse one of the abovementioned materials, drop it on the floor. To quickly do that, hold the up directional button and use the right stick to navigate to the desired material or monster part.
  3. After navigating to it, press the X button to drop it on the ground. Alternatively, press the X button on the materials page in Link’s inventory to start holding items. Select one from the desired material or monster part and press the B button to return to the game. Then, press the A button to drop it on the ground.
  4. After that, hold the L button and use the right stick to select the Fuse ability. Approach the stone, dropped material, or monster part to select it as a fuse target. Finally, once Link can, press the Y button to fuse it with the equipped base weapon. Link has now made an Axe!


The process of making an axe in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is proof of the game’s immersive and strategic gameplay. From gathering essential materials in the lush and diverse landscapes to utilizing the power of Link’s arm, every step of the journey toward making the perfect axe is filled with wonder and excitement.

Link is the hero destined to restore light to the kingdom. Because of that, mastering the art of not just axe-making but making weapons as a whole plays an important role in Link’s adventure. This will allow Link to face formidable foes and confidently overcome daunting challenges.

So, with determination, skill, and a little creativity, may you craft your axe or any kind of weapon and embrace the courage needed to reclaim the kingdom Hyrule from the forces of darkness!

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