Tears of the Kingdom: Ultrahand Recall


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Link’s Ultrahand Recall ability allows him to freely grab and move objects and rotate and attach them to other objects.

Tears of the Kingdom: Ultrahand Recall

Welcome to the beautiful world of Hyrule! This is where the winds of adventure blow strong, and heroes rise to face formidable challenges. We finally have The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, an enchanting new chapter in the beloved Zelda franchise.

In this game, players are introduced to new extraordinary abilities that will shape their journey throughout the game. Two of these are the Ultrahand ability and the Recall ability. As Link embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of Hyrule and confront the forces of darkness, mastering these unique powers will be essential.

In this guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of the Ultrahand and Recall abilities. We will unlock their potential in this epic adventure and guide you through their application. Your destiny awaits, brave adventurer, and the Ultrahand and Recall abilities will be your keys to unlocking the secrets of Hyrule!

The Ultrahand Ability

Link’s Ultrahand ability allows him to freely grab and move objects and rotate and attach them to other objects. This is identical to Breath of the Wild’s Magnesis Rune ability. However, the Ultrahand ability is not limited to metallic things and has further possibilities. Link can build contraptions using different objects and Zonai Devices with this ability. The Ultrahand ability will enable Link to create a wide range of machines. These can be from simple carts and rafts to complex ground-bound or flying vehicles and enemy-attacking robots.

How to Get the Ultrahand Ability

Link must visit the Ukouh Shrine, “The Ability to Create,” to obtain the Ultrahand ability. This Shrine is on top of a rock formation on the Great Sky Island’s northern part. This is southwest of the Temple of Time. Link can find this Shrine with the help of these coordinates: 0274, -0913, 1460. In Tears of the Kingdom, Link encounters the Ukouh Shrine as the first Shrine of Light.

How to Use the Ultrahand Ability

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Link must perform the following to use the Ultrahand ability:

  1. To begin, press and hold the L button using the right stick to select the Ultrahand ability. This ability is located on the ability wheel’s left side.
  2. Then, aim at the object that you wish to manipulate. The objects that Link can activate the ability on are highlighted in orange. To grab it, use the A button.
  3. The player can then move the Link to also move the object. Alternatively, the player can move the object horizontally. Link using the right stick and moving it to the left or right. Also, the player can move the object up and down on the ground by moving the right stick up and down. Instead of using the right stick, the player can move the Nintendo Switch around to move the object. This is with the help of the system’s gyroscope. The player can turn this feature on or off in the game’s option menu.
  4. In addition, the player can move the object farther away or nearer to Link by pressing the up or down directional buttons.
  5. On top of that, the player can rotate the object. Hold the R button and rotate the object horizontally by pressing the left or right directional button and vertically via the up or down directional buttons. Each press of the directional button turns the object 45 degrees in the specified direction.
  6. When the object has previously been attached to another object, the player can separate them by wiggling the right stick.
  7. Additionally, move the selected object close to the other object to be able to attach them. If attaching is possible, a green glow will appear where the object will be attached. When ready, use the A button to attach the objects.
  8. If the player only wants to move one object without attaching it to another, the player can cancel the ability and let go of the object by pressing the B button.

The Recall Ability

Link’s Recall ability allows him to retrace the motion of an object. Whenever Link utilizes the Recall ability, everything freezes, letting the player consider which object to utilize the ability on. A crosshair will appear during this, and the player may hover it over an object to highlight it. The anticipated path of the thing will then be displayed as a yellow line. This ability’s range is substantially greater than Link’s other abilities.

Link can use the Recall ability for various purposes. One of them is to reach higher points or the Sky Islands. The player sometimes finds large rocks falling from the skies in the game. Link can get up on the fallen rock and activate the ability on it to bring Link up the skies. Sometimes, these fallen rocks can bring Link to a Sky Island.

Similarly, Link can create a makeshift elevator or moving platform with the help of this ability and the Ultrahand ability. To do that, Link can activate the Ultrahand ability on a platform. Lay it flat on the floor, bring it to the desired location you want to reach (like high up or across a gap), then bring it back to Link. After that, get up on the platform and activate its Recall ability. This will then bring Link on its path to help reach hard-to-reach locations.

Another use for the Recall ability is to deal damage to enemies. One good example of this is the Octorok. If an Octorok notices Link, it will shoot projectiles towards Link. The player can activate the Recall ability on the Octorok’s projectile with the right timing. Doing so will send the projectile back to the Octorok and deal damage.

How to Get the Recall Ability

To get the Recall ability, Link must enter the Temple of Time. This is the goal of “The Closed Door” Main Quest. Link must first obtain the Light of Blessing from three Shrines to open the Temple of Time door. The Ukouh Shrine, In-isa Shrine, and Gutanbac Shrines are among them. These are the Shrines from which Link gains the Ultrahand, Fuse, and Ascend abilities.

After that, Link must return to the Temple of Time and investigate the symbol on the door to open it. A series of stairs leads inside, with a glowing tear atop a pedestal. Link will witness a vision of Princess Zelda asking for his hand if he examines the tear. After Link agrees, Princess Zelda will sparkle and bestow a new ability on him. Princess Zelda will then fade away, and the vision will end. Link will then receive the Recall ability!

How to Use the Recall Ability

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To use the Recall ability, Link must perform the following:

  1. First, press and hold the L button and select the Recall ability using the right stick. The Recall ability is on the left side of Link’s ability wheel.
  2. After that, the player can select the object to activate the Recall ability. A crosshair will appear on the screen, which the player can use to select the object. During this part, however, Link can only move the screen around very slightly. This means that Link can only activate the ability on an object visible on the screen.
  3. If the player hovers the crosshair on an object, the ability will highlight the object yellow. With the highlight, it will also show the projected path of the object if the ability is activated. Once ready, press the A button to activate the Recall ability on the highlighted object.
  4. Next, the object will go back in time and retrace its movement. The object will continue moving back on its path until the timer wheel runs out or if the player cancels the ability. To cancel the ability, the player can press the L button again.


Mastering the Ultrahand and Recall abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is essential for any adventurer seeking to navigate Hyrule’s rich and challenging world. Ultrahand and Recall add depth and versatility to gameplay and open new avenues for exploration and puzzle-solving.

These abilities will prove invaluable tools in their arsenal as players embark on their quest to save Hyrule. These will enhance their gaming experience and ensure a triumphant journey through this captivating and enchanting realm. So, embrace the Ultrahand and Recall abilities, wield them wisely, and embark on an unforgettable adventure across the kingdom of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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