Tears of the Kingdom: How To Fuse Arrows


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In the beautiful kingdom of Hyrule, where legends and adventures abound, archery has always played a crucial role. In the latest installment of the iconic Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom, players are presented with a thrilling new mechanic that takes archery to a whole new level: arrow fusion. Link can attach different items to his normal arrows in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: How To Fuse Arrows

With that, each arrow can have many different effects and applications. In this guide, we will walk you through how to fuse arrows in Tears of the Kingdom. We will explore the intricacies of arrow fusion and unravel the mysteries of this mechanic.

This guide will empower you to harness its full potential in your quest to save Hyrule once again. Get ready to fuse arrows and unlock a world of limitless possibilities in the Tear of the Kingdom!


Link may inflict damage to foes over large distances through the use of Arrows. The damage inflicted on the enemy with this method is determined based on the Bow used to shoot it rather than the Arrow itself.

Link must search the overworld for Arrows to obtain them. Link can obtain Arrows by purchasing them with Rupees, discovering them within chests, collecting them from slain opponents’ drops, and picking them up from broken crates and barrels‘ drops. 

Now, let’s talk about how to get a lot of them in a short period of time. The following are common methods to farm arrows:

1. Buying Arrows

Buying Arrows is one of the quickest methods to obtain them. Arrows can be purchased in a variety of locations. These include General Stores in certain settlements, Beedle in the Stables, and even traveling merchants located, well, traveling on roadways.

However, the sole prerequisite for this strategy is Rupees. The more Rupees Link possesses, the more Arrows he can obtain.

This is the suggested strategy for fast farming Arrows via purchasing them:

  1. First, proceed to Lookout Landing, located immediately south of Hyrule Castle.
  2. Then, head to the General Store on the eastern side of Lookout Landing.
  3. Next, buy as many Arrows as you desire or as many as they have. There are five bundles of five Arrows in this General Store. Link can purchase a pack of five Arrows for 20 Rupees. Buying all five bundles, which equals 25 Arrows, will cost you 100 Rupees.
  4. When they’re out of stock, go to the center of Lookout Landing and go to their Emergency Shelter.
  5. Press the A button next to the bed to sleep or wait on the lit cooking pot inside the Emergency Shelter. Select sleep or wait till dawn at the prompt.
  6. Then, once the game loads back, press the – button to access the Map. To fast travel to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, hover on it, hit the A button, and then confirm on the prompt.
  7. Once the game loads back, return to this area’s General Store, and Link will find that the Arrows have now been completely restocked. If this does not work, simply sleep or wait until the next morning in the Emergency Shelter again. Then Link can buy as many Arrows as you like or as many as they have available.
  8. Finally, Link may repeat steps 4 through 7 to obtain all the Arrows he desires!

2. Enemy Archers

Hunting enemy groups and camps with archers on them is another dependable way to farm Arrows. Once defeated, these enemy archers typically leave a few singles or bundles of arrows. There is, however, a way to acquire more arrows from them than that.

All Link has to do for this method is grab the Arrows that the enemy archers shoot. These opposing archers appear to have an infinite supply of arrows to shoot.

Link must perform the following to obtain Arrows via this method:

  1. When encountering a group or a camp of monsters, eliminate any enemy not carrying or using bows and arrows. This is to get rid of the inconvenience while farming Arrows.
  2. Next, allow the enemy archers to continue shooting Arrows at Link. Avoid the shot Arrows via running and sprinting about. If Link is hit, there will be no arrow to pick up.
  3. Afterward, gather all of the shot Arrows from the ground.
  4. Once you’ve collected all of the Arrows you want, defeat the enemy archer so that it drops the singles or bundles of Arrows.
  5. Next, locate another monster group or camp to repeat the process and obtain additional Arrows!

It’s worth noting that after a while of scooping up the opposing archer’s shot Arrows, sometimes they stop appearing on the ground once the Arrow misses. This implies that the opposing archer will continue to shoot Link, but Link will be unable to find an Arrow on the ground if it misses.

In our experience, there is no set quantity of Arrows that Link must collect before they cease appearing. They differ from one enemy to the next. With that in mind, Link can collect as many shot Arrows as the player desires or until they stop appearing.

The Fuse Ability

Link must first acquire the Fuse ability before he may fuse items to arrows. This ability allows Link to combine an object with arrows and his equipped weapon or shield. This ability enables Link to build different weapons, shields, and arrows with varying effects.

Link has to visit the In-isa Shrine, with the title “The Ability to Combine,” to obtain the Fuse ability. This is Link’s second encounter with a Shrine in the game. The In-isa Shrine is on a mountain beside a huge lake northwest of the Room of Awakening. Link can discover the Shrine in the Great Sky Island’s southwestern corner. Link will find the Shrine at the following coordinates: 0027, -1503, 1408.

How to Fuse Arrows

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Once Link has Arrows and the item you want, Link can now fuse them with the Fuse ability! To do that, Link must do the following:

  1. To begin, hold down the ZR button to aim and ready Link’s Bow and Arrow.
  2. Hold the up directional button to see what items Link can fuse to his readied arrow. To move between the items, use the right stick.
  3. After navigating to an item, release the up-directional button to return to the game.
  4. Finally, the item will fuse to the arrow!

Link may create many arrows with distinct effects by fusing materials into arrows. Link can create the following types of Arrows with specific items and the Fuse ability:

Fire Arrow

Link can create Fire Arrows, which burn foes and other explosive objects. To make Fire Arrows, Link must use the Fuse ability to fuse a Fire Fruit, a Red Chuchu Jelly, or a Ruby onto an Arrow. 

Even so, it is not recommended to attach Rubies. This is because they are much more difficult to get and are more valuable than Fire Fruit or Red Chuchu Jelly.

The Fuse Attack Power of Fire Fruits, Red Chuchu Jellies, and Rubies are only 1.

Water Arrow

Link may utilize Water Arrows to clear the goop across Hyrule. Link must fuse a Splash Fruit, a Chuchu Jelly, or an Opal to an arrow to create Water Arrows.

Splash Fruits or Blue Chuchu Jelly are suggested among these goods. This is because Opals are highly valuable and difficult to come by, so using them to produce Water Arrows would be a waste.

The Fuse Attack Power of Splash Fruits, normal Chuchu Jellies, and Opals are only 1.

Ice Arrow

Link can use Ice Arrows to literally freeze an adversary. Link must attach an Ice Fruit, a White Chuchu Jelly, or a Sapphire to make one.

Utilizing a Sapphire to produce Ice Arrows is not recommended because this item is difficult to come by and highly precious. However, if you want to, the possibility to employ them for creating Ice Arrows remains.

The Fuse Attack Power of Ice Fruits, White Chuchu Jellies, and Sapphires are 1.

Electric Arrow

To shock enemies, Link may shoot Electric Arrows at them. When shot in water, these Electric Arrows may generate a dome of electricity. Electric Arrows are also handy while defeating large enemies. Link must fuse a Shock Fruit, a Yellow Chuchu Jelly, or a Topaz to arrows to make Electric Arrows.

Electric Arrows should be made with a Shock Fruit or a Yellow Chuchu Jelly like the other elemental arrows. This is because Topaz is a rare and valuable item that would be a waste if utilized to create a single Electric Arrow.

Topazes, Shock Fruits, and Yellow Chuchu Jellies have the same Fuse Attack Power of 1.

Bomb Arrow

Link may fire Bomb Arrows, which explode when they collide with an adversary or a surface. Certain structures, like breakable rock walls, may get destroyed using this type of arrow. Link must fuse a Bomb Flower to an arrow to create one.

Bomb Flowers have a 1 Fuse Attack Power as well.

Light Arrow

Link can utilize Light Arrows to illuminate dark areas. The Light Arrows will cling to the surface they hit and emit light when it does. Link must use the Fuse ability to fuse a Brightbloom Seed to an arrow to make a Light Arrow. 

The intensity of the light emitted is determined by whether an ordinary or large Brightbloom Seed is used.

Homing Arrows

Link may fire Homing Arrows, which will continue to follow an enemy until it clashes. With this type of Arrow, Link can easily hit fast-moving opponents. Link must fuse a Keese, Fire Keese, Electric Keese, Ice Keese, Aerocuda, or Octorok Eyeball to an arrow to create a Homing Arrow.

It’s also worth noting that using an elemental Keese Eyeball will give you the element’s effect. Attaching an Ice Keese Eyeball to an arrow, for example, results in a Homing Ice Arrow. As a result, it will pursue an enemy and freeze it upon hitting.

Regular Keese Eyeballs have 1 Fuse Attack Power, Octorok Eyeballs have a 3 Fuse Attack Power, Aerocuda Eyeballs have 4 Fuse Attack Power, Ice Keese Eyeballs have 4 Fuse Attack Power, Electric Keese Eyeballs have 6 Fuse Attack Power, and Fire Keese Eyeballs have 8 Fuse Attack Power.

Flash Arrows

Link may create Flash Arrows, which have the same impact as a flashbang. Link can momentarily blind and disorient foes through this type of arrow. This will allow Link to get near and attack them faster. Link should use the Fuse ability to attach a Dazzlefruit to an arrow to make a Flash Arrow.

Dazzlefruits has only 1 for its Fuse Attack Power.

Smoke Bomb Arrow

Link can make a Smoke Bomb Arrow, which emits a cloud of smoke similar to a smoke bomb. This type of arrow will obscure your adversaries’ view. Link must fuse a Puffshroom to an arrow to create a Smoke Bomb Arrow.

Puffshrooms possess a Fuse Attack Power of 1.

Confuse Arrow

Link can launch Confuse Arrows, which erupt into a cloud of spores that confuse foes. When foes become confused, they target other enemies rather than Link. To make a Confuse Arrow, Link must fuse a Muddle Bud to an arrow.

Muddle Buds only have a Fuse Attack Power of 1.

Bee Arrow

Link may use Bee Arrows to conjure a swarm of bees that attack foes. Link must fuse a Courser Bee Honey to an arrow to create a Bee Arrow.

The Fuse Attack Power of Courser Bee Honeys is only 1.

Sniper Arrow

Link may create Sniper Arrows, arrows that shoot straight out rather than in an arc. This type of arrow flies farther than conventional arrows. Link must fuse a Keese Wing, Fire Keese Wing, Ice Keese Wing, Electric Keese Wing, Aerocuda Wing, Gibdo Wing, Gleeok Wing, or a Molduga Fin to an arrow to create a Sniper Arrow.

The Fuse Attack Power of Regular Keese Wings is only 1, the Fuse Attack Power of Fire, Ice, and Electric Keese Wings are 2, the Fuse Attack Power of Aerocuda Wings are 4, the Fuse Attack Power of Gibdo Wings are 8,  the Fuse Attack Power of Molduga Fins are 12, and the Fuse Attack Power of Gleeok Wings are 24.

It is also worth noting that fusing elemental Keese Wings to arrows will add to the element’s effect. For example, fusing an Electric Keese Wing with an arrow results in an Electric Sniper Arrow. This implies the arrow will fly farther than a conventional arrow and shock foes when it hits them.

Wind Arrow

Link may make Wind Arrows, which blow away foes in its path. Link must use the Fuse ability to fuse a Korok Frond to an arrow to create a Wind Arrow.

Fuse Attack Power of Korok Fronds is 1.


Mastering the art of fusing arrows in Tears of the Kingdom is a pivotal skill that will greatly enhance Link’s capabilities on his heroic quest. By harnessing the power of these fused arrows, players can turn the tide of battle, solve puzzles, and conquer the formidable challenges that lie ahead. The fusion mechanic offers the game a rich layer of depth, inviting players to experiment and adapt their strategies.

As Link’s journey unfolds, remember that the power to fuse arrows is not just a gameplay mechanic but a testament to Hyrule’s ever-evolving and immersive world, where adventure and innovation go hand in hand. So, take aim, experiment, and prepare to unleash the full potential of your arrows in this captivating installment of the beloved Zelda series.

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