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In this blog post you will find the top torrent websites still available and online. Keep in mind, that you will need a free download program (torrent program), with which you will download the torrents.

15 Best Sites to Download FREE Torrents

I recommend uTorrent, which is easy to use, and the most popular torrent program in the world. If you prefer another torrent program feel free to use it.

If you want to download free torrents then this is your page!

Do you know the best pages where you can download Torrents for FREE?

It is really important for you to have a great antivirus program before you start downloading torrents. Pirated downloads can contain viruses that damage your computer. That’s why I always advise having a quality antivirus programs. I recommend AVG Free Antivirus.

Another important thing is that you may prefer to watch movies online for free, for this I recommend that you go directly to a page as 123movies.

If you have any doubt or need clarification, you can leave a question below in the comments. And if by some chance you know some other pages to download free torrents, leave it down in comments and I’ll be happy to add it. Together we add more and expand the list – together we stand stronger – just like with torrents!

What is a Torrent?

A torrent file is a type of file with a .torrent extension that can store a series of necessary data that through a BitTorrent application can download content from the network to your computer. The size of these files is usually small (minimum of 10 KB and maximum of 200 KB) since the file that you download does not have the content, but the necessary information about the files and folders that are in the cloud. It includes both destination file and the map of how it is divided (by pieces and blocks). Makes sense? You can see a longer explanation on wikipedia.

In the torrent files there is also the information of the encrypted hash values that you need to verify each piece and block of the destination file. They also include the URLs of many and more metadata that are defined by the BitTorrent that you use to download free torrents.

How does a torrent work?

Imagine the BitTorrent network as a swarm of bees because its operation is like how a swarm works. Where the collaboration of everyone is essential for the platform to work. In this way, instead of a single download server, there are many servers, where the protocol allows you to join a swarm where many people collaborate, download and upload at the same time pieces of a file that they have hosted on your PC until you complete your content. In this way there is not a person, but several who collaborate when sharing a certain file (free torrent movies, music or series).

List of the Best Pages to Download Free Torrents

We start with the best collection of torrents on the internet. You can find the portals that best suit your needs and start downloading without risk. Keep in mind that if you download pirated, it is important to have an antivirus, especially for non-Mac computers – like I mentioned earlier. Without any further delay, we start with the list to download free torrents:

Worldwide Torrent Sites:

The Pirate Bay

Created by Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Peter Sunde in 2003. These Swedes created the servers of ThePiratebay, these support SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. In simpler words, it is a platform where users can search, download and contribute their own free torrents and links. In this way it is easier to share peer to peer files among web users.

For me it is one of the best pages to download free torrents. It is easy and simple. Around 120 million users use this site to download free movies, videos, TV series and many other things.


The goal of this portal is not to accumulate hundreds of files that nobody downloads, but only have files with the highest possible quality. Very professional, try to make the user feel comfortable in the portal, besides being a place to download free torrents. It pretends to be something more than a support in which you enter, download and leave. You can download more than 600,000 torrents and have 240,000 monthly users, although registration is not mandatory. In the United Kingdom has been blocked several times for legal issues, but in Spain has never given any problems.


This is a search engine where you can download free torrents. It is specialized in television content, primarily in free torrent series, which as we all know is booming on all payment platforms. The traffic of this portal depends a lot on the premieres of new series or seasons, and the pull that these have, but regardless of the premieres and the new series that take out portals of payment like Netflix or HBO: it occupies in Alexa the position 1,000 as one of the most visited internet sites in the world.


KickAssTorrents is one of the winners for me, as the best free torrent download website. More specifically, the second best on the list, and the one that has the largest repertoire of free torrent movies.

In this platform you can download torrent movies so easily that it will seem like a joke. Sometimes it gives problems during 1 or 2 days, since the pages of this caliber, are persecuted by the governments, but later return to the normality. Sometimes they change their domain, to try to avoid blocking by external parties, so if one day you see that you can not enter with that domain, google the new one. If this happens and you realize, leave it in comments please.

Elite Freak

It has an extraordinary list of free torrent movies in its catalog. This platform also has a news section where you can be informed of all the news that is incorporated into the web. It also has a section of leaks for you to find movies or new series that have gone online, before its release. In this kind of forum, it is very easy to find out about the news.


It is one of the best positioned platforms currently as free Torrents downloads in Spanish. It is focused on 4 main categories: movies, free Torrent series, music and programs. You can filter and browse the web based on the genres you like. It includes a wide repertoire of Spanish cinema and premieres. No doubt it will not leave you indifferent.


This intuitive online torrent download platform has more than 40,000 users per month, and it works very well. Like many of the above, you have to register to start downloading content, but it’s simple, easy and safe. All its content is divided in a very intuitive way in tabs. Therefore it is a good option when it comes to wanting to segment your torrent downloads for free. What a list we have assembled, now you just have to register and enjoy.


It is a platform that has been open for quite some time. They closed it a few months ago, but it seems to come back strongly. It is one of the most stable and with a content in series and terrific movies torrent. It has more than 5,000 movies and 2,000 series to download. That’s why I include it, because this list is updated as new download platforms come out. Although it had not been for a long time, due to the closure, this week I was pleasantly surprised to find it online again. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Torrentz 2

A classic of Free Torrent downloads. For a time, the website was called Torrentz.eu, but it stopped working for a while, due to the great commotion that was raised by the free movie downloads. But for a few months it has added the number 2 to its domain and works perfectly, that’s why this platform could not be missing from this list. Without a doubt it is a web gem.


For a while now, it has been named the safest in the entire torrent downloading industry. Its slogan is “No Fakes Torrent”, which means: NO to False Torrents and Bad Quality. Your website goes very fast and you can find all the news about movies, music or books. It is very easy to find what you are looking for since it has a wide range of categories. In my case there has not been any time that I did not find what I was looking for.

BT-Torrent Scene

As you can see when you enter your torrent download platform, it is a totally secure website that inspires confidence. Each week they update with new content, so it is a very favorable point. It has a small drawback, which are the ads from time to time, but honestly, I prefer to swallow some ad and navigate calmly without fear of getting any virus. To think that the creators of these pages also have to live, like everyone else, and all that work of uploading the films monetizes thanks to advertising.


An international torrent site with all the new movies and series. TorrentLeech mostly required an invite to join their site. Once you are in you need to keep up a good ratio by uploading more than you download. Go ahead and shoot a comment below this article if you are looking for an invite to this page.

The interface of TorrentLeech is very modern and you can easily sort all torrents after genre (HD, Series, Games, Software etc) and see the most popular torrent the last 24 hours/7 days/month etc.

Spanish Torrent Sites:

Mejor Torrent

On this website you can find free torrent movies, series, games or software in Spanish to download free torrents. At the end of this year, as a summary you could find in its catalogue with more than 15,000 files, mostly movies, with 1,500 HD and 4K movies.


Another very interesting site where you can download free torrent movies and original version series subtitled in Spanish is Mejorenvo. Little by little it has been making a place in the list, and today is a place to download torrents in very powerful Spanish, with thousands of monthly users (all content is subtitled, and audio in original version).

Danish Torrent Sites:


DanishBits is the current largest torrent network in Denmark. Inhere you will find the newest movies, series etc with danish subtitles. DanishBits has their own subtitle team to quality check all content on the page. This is by far the most popular and best danish torrent website.

You will need an invite to join this danish torrent site. Please comment below if you need an invite, and hope for the best!

Final conclusion

What I think is that with this “List of the Best Pages to Download Free Torrents” you will have more than enough. However, I will try to add and change the platforms every month. Since as I said before, being very persecuted by governments, the url are changing and new platforms are emerging every so often.

If you know of any, do not hesitate to leave it in comments, this way I can add it to the list and all readers will know. In my articles we all add and collaborate together, in this way we make them much richer and updated. Thank you very much and see you in the next post!

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