The Last of Us Part III: Neil Druckmann Confirms Naughty Dog has Started It’s Next Project… But What is It?


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With The Last of Us on HBO Max just wrapping up its finale, a lot of questions are now being thrown around about the second season and The Last of Us Part III. Though rumors have been flying around that Part III is already in the works, Naughty Dog has been quick to deny them.

The Last of Us Part III: Neil Druckmann Confirms Naughty Dog has Started It’s Next Project… But What is It?

Now in a recent interview with Kinda Funny (via @DomTheBombYT), game director Neil Druckmann has confirmed that the studio is already working on their next project, but he doesn’t state what they’re working on. He says:

“I know the fans really want The Last of Us Part III! I hear about it all the time. We are already into our next project, the decision has already been made but I can’t say what it is. We picked what we were most excited for.”

With seven years between the Last of Us games, some fans think we’ll have to wait that long before the release of Part III as well. Then again, with all the hype surrounding the IP, especially with the new series, maybe Sony could be pushing the studio to rush out the next game.

If anything, ND has other options on which games to work on next. Besides The Last of Us, some have been hoping for a revival of the Jak & Daxter franchise which was huge for the PlayStation 2. There’s also the possibility that ND could be working on a new IP, now that they’ve shut the door on another Uncharted title.

Whatever happens, I’m just hoping that Druckmann has a good idea of where to end The Last of Us. I thought Part II was just brilliant in the direction it went, and I hope the studio doesn’t make Druckmann cave to fan demands for the third game.

As of now, The Last of Us Part III hasn’t been officially announced.

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