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One of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the Gorae Torr Shrine or the Gorae Torr’s Blessing. The shrine itself is no challenge at all. As you enter the Gorae Torrs Shrine, Link will be able to access the shrine’s chest, and he will be able to access the altar and talk to the monk immediately. The real challenge is completing The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest, which must be done before Link can access the shrine. In this guide, you’ll learn how to complete The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest, complete the Gorae Torr Shrine, obtain the chest inside, and claim the Spirit Orb.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Gorae Torr Shrine Guide

Link will be rewarded with Spirit Orbs for completing Shrines. The Spirit Orbs obtained can be exchanged for more Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels. As there are 120 Shrines all over Hyrule, Link can get a total of 120 Spirit Orbs. You can decide whether you want Link to have more Hearts or Stamina.


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The Gorae Torr Shrine can be found on top of a large rock pillar called Gut Check Rock which is just north of Death Mountain in the northeasternmost part of the Eldin Tower Region (Gut Check Rock can be found west of Skull Lake, which is in the northwest of Deep Akkala, or east of the Eldin Mountains). The Gorae Torr Shrine is one of nine shrines in the Eldin Tower region.

The Gut Check Challenge

As mentioned above, Link must first complete The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest to access the Gorae Torr Shrine. 

To start The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest, head to the top of Gut Check Rock (the location of the shrine mentioned above). To get to the top, Link can take advantage of the updrafts around Gut Check Rock to ride and glide up the updrafts to go to the top of Gut Check Rock. There, you will find the Gorae Torr Shrine, but a Goron named Bayge will be sitting at the entrance of the shrine. Talk to Bayge, and he will tell Link that the area is their hard-core training ground where they come to get ripped and shredded and where the Goron boys become Goron men. After asking Bayge to move from the entrance of the shrine, he will tell Link that he will not move a single muscle as this is a special and sacred platform and that only real Goron men, which is decided by the three Goron Blood Brothers, where Bayge is a part of, are allowed. He will also say that his little brother is in the middle of training, and they do not interrupt a brother’s training. However, Bayge will say that Link seems like a man of action and almost like Link has a Goron air about him which Bayge likes, so he will tell Link that he will move from blocking the entrance of Gorae Torr Shrine if Link can clear out their hard-core training program. After agreeing on the prompt, Bayge will tell Link the rules. Then, after that, The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest started!

To complete this shrine quest, Link must climb from the bottom of Gut Check Rock and reach him within the time limit. While climbing to the top, Link must pick up Rupees as he goes. Once Link reaches Bayge within the time limit, and with a passable number of Rupees, which is at least 100 Rupees, then Link passes, and Bayge will move out of Link’s way. However, if Link runs out of time or decides to give up in the middle of the climb, he has to return all the Rupees he picked up. Additionally, Link must pay them 20 Rupees for each attempt.

Before attempting The Gut Check Challenge, make sure that Link is wearing the Climbing Set (Climber’s Bandanna, Climbing Gear, and Climbing Boots), as they can greatly increase Link’s climbing speed, and make sure that Link has a few stamina-replenishing foods and elixirs to, well, replenish Link’s stamina if the stamina Link currently has is not enough.

To attempt The Gut Check Challenge, select ‘Let’s do this thing!’ on the prompt while talking to Bayge. Then Link will pay 20 Rupees, and the challenge will start!

Unfortunately, there is no special technique to complete The Gut Challenge, but, fortunately, the challenge is not that hard to achieve. Link can follow the path of Rupees as you climb up Gut Check Rock as fast as you can. Make sure to pick up all the Blue Rupees (5 Rupees) and Red Rupees (20 Rupees) as they will help reach the Rupee goal fast.

After reaching the top of Gut Check Rock within the time limit and at least 100 Rupees, Bayge will shout ‘goal’ and check whether Link has enough Rupees. After that, Bayge will say that Link has passed the training with the grit of a true Goron and say that Link has earned the right to call himself the fourth Goron Blood Brother. Then, Bayge will say that Link is now allowed to stand on the sacred platform of Goron manliness as Link is officially one of them now, then welcome Link to the family. Additionally, Bayge will tell Link that he can attempt The Gut Check Challenge again anytime he wants.

After that, Bayge will move from the entrance of the shrine. The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest is now completed, and Link can now access and enter the Gorae Torr Shrine!

Gorae Torr’s Blessing

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Now that Link has completed The Gut Check Challenge Shrine Quest, Link can now enter the Gorae Torr Shrine. This shrine will no longer have a challenge or puzzle inside as the puzzle was already on trying to access the shrine. Upon entering the shrine, this is what Link must do:

  1. Upon entering the Gorae Torr Shrine, head up the stairs and open the chest to obtain a Great Frostblade.
  2. Then, just after the chest, continue ahead to the altar, talk to the monk, and claim your Spirit Orb!

As mentioned above, the Gorae Torr Shrine or Gorae Torr’s Blessing is one of nine shrines in the Eldin Tower region. The other shrines are the Mo’a Keet Shrine, or the Metal Makes a Path, the Daqa Koh Shrine or the Stalled Flight, the Qua Raym Shrine or A Balanced Approach, the Shae Mo’sah Shrine or the Swinging Flames, the Sah Dahaj Shrine or the Power of Fire, the Tah Muhl Shrine or the Passing the Flame, Shora Hah Shrine or the Blue Flame, and the Kayra Mah Shrine or the Greedy Hill.

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