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Supergiant Games’ Hades does not disappoint when it comes to diverse and challenging enemies and Megaera is definitely one of them. 

How to Defeat Megaera in Hades

To stop Zagreus from leaving the Underworld, Hades sends Megaera, one of the three Fury Sisters. Zagreus must defeat Megaera in order to progress to Asphodel and continue his escape attempt.

The key to defeating Megaera is to understand and adapt to her attack patterns:

The Basics

Megaera’s basic attack is called Lunge wherein she will pause and wind up then dash in a straight line towards Zagreus that deals 13 damage when hit. Evading this is as easy as dashing away – but it takes accuracy and great timing. Megaera’s Lunge attack has a long recovery time in which you can attack her. If you get close to her for too long, Megaera will do what’s called a Whip Whirl wherein she will rise and slash her whip that will deal 13 damage in an area around her. The visual cue for this attack is her rise so start to dash away as soon as she starts to rise.

At the beginning of the battle, Megaera will periodically do one of two ranged attacks: 

  • Volley

Megaera will stand in one spot and fire a series of projectiles around the chamber that deals 4 damage per hit. The closer you are to Megaera, the smaller the spaces between the projectiles so, to evade this attack, run as far from Megaera as possible and run in between the spaces of the projectiles.

  • Flame

A random pattern of 3-4 circles will be summoned by Megaera on the ground around and directly under Zagreus which serve as targets for her attacks from orbit. This attack will be repeated about four to five times and deals 8 damage each time Zagreus is caught in one of the circles. Pay close attention to the summoned circles as they won’t always appear directly under Zagreus to trick the player into dashing between the circles. There will be a small amount of time from the summoning of the circles to the actual attack so this will be your window to check whether to dash or not.

The Damage Has Been Done

When Megaera’s HP reaches 75%, she will start summoning Thugs and Witches. Find time to kill these enemies as not only are they a nuisance but also because Megaera will summon more of them when her HP reaches 50% and again on 25%. She will be impervious to attacks during the short summoning animation.

When Megaera’s HP reaches 25%, she will no longer do one ranged attack and instead alternate between Volley and Flame.


Basically, your best bet in defeating Megaera is attacking in between her Lunge attacks. Try attacking her from behind to deal more damage. Increase your chances of defeating her by choosing boons that make you inflict more damage or boons that give status effects like deflect, inflict weak, or blade rift. As for weapons, long-range weapons would definitely work best against Megaera as you wouldn’t have to dash as much. Purchasing Greater Reflex from the Mirror of the Night would also help to dash more than once in quick succession. Dashing will really be your best friend after fighting Megaera.


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