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Another day in The Medium, another puzzle.

The Medium: How to Pump Out Water

There are countless of puzzles in this game. Sometimes, it will test your patience, as some puzzles and mysteries can be incredibly challenging to solve. That is the case with the pumping out water puzzle. There will be a puzzle which will involve not working tanks, that you will need to fix. After you do so, you will need to remove the water to progress in the game.

To remove the water, you will need to move the water around using the tanks that are available at this location.

How to Pump Out Water – The Medium

This is one of those puzzles that you will have to do a lot of moving around in order to complete it. Firstly, assuming that you have restored power to the pump control room, you will need to move the water in a certain way before you start.

To restore power, you will need to do so by using your powers on the main fuse box. Nevertheless, here is how to pump out water in this mission:

  1. Go to the pump station control room, and direct all of the water in the top middle and right tanks like the image below (you can do so with the buttons on the panel):
  2. Go left of the pump station, take the stairs and use your shield to go through the moths. When you’re through crank the valve on the water tank to open it up.
  3. Turn off the electricity with the switch that you used before and make your way to the control station again.
  4. Move all of the water to the middle and top-left tank. Go back to the electric switch, move past it, and go down the stairs.
  5. Use the energy recharge point and continue moving forward until you reach the next crank spot.
  6. Get the missing valve from the locker that is up ahead and use it on the water tank.
  7. Go back to the pump control station and move the water from the middle and left tank, to the left side. From the top-right one, move it right.

After you have successfully moved the water, it will no longer block the way. Go back to the location from where you cranked the last tank and access the door beyond the locker that you found the valve in. Good luck!

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