The Strongest Weapons in Lords of the Fallen



If you are searching for a list of the strongest weapons in Lords of the Fallen, you’re in the right place!

The Strongest Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen offers over a hundred weapons, including swords, spears, and axes, to help you overcome this challenging game. However, with a diverse array of weapons, selecting which weapon is perfect for you, let alone strong enough to carry you until late-game, can be overwhelming.

Knowing which weapon is best suited for your chosen build, such as those running a Radiance or Strength build, is important to utilize the weapon’s damage scaling. This article has compiled some of the strongest weapons for various builds in Lords of the Fallen.

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The Strongest Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

7. Bloodlust

A screenshot of the short sword, Bloodlust, in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: GamerFuzion / YouTube

Bloodlust is a short sword that is obtainable at Fitzroy’s Gorge. It has a decent damage output compared to other short swords, dealing both physical and fire damage on enemies hit while inflicting the burn and bleed status effects. Due to its rapid attack pattern, you can quickly apply these status effects on multiple enemies.

Once fully upgraded, this short sword boasts an A- scaling in Agility and Inferno. Its special ability allows you to regain a small percentage of your health for every enemy killed. This weapon is worth considering if you opt for a more hybrid build with Agility and Inferno.

6. Grinning Axe

A screenshot of the Grinning Axe weapon in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: EldenKing / YouTube

The Grinning Axe is perfect for those with an Inferno build. This axe deals a mixed damage of physical, fire, and wither. Attacking enemies with this weapon will inflict them with the burn and ignite status effects. Although this is a late-game weapon, the strength of this axe proves it can still be worth using for your next playthrough.

One of the best features about this weapon is its S scaling with Inferno, which is one of a kind, as most of the similar weapons only scale with A. Pair this with a strong inferno build to set your enemies ablaze, and you will become a force reckoned with.

5. Harrower Dervla’s Crossbow

A screenshot of the Harrower Dervla's Crossbow in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Gaming Prodigy / YouTube

If you prefer a more ranged playstyle, the Harrower Dervla’s Crossbow would be perfect for ranged builds. This weapon fires three simultaneous bolts, dealing triple damage at a time. Although the crossbow has a separate base damage, the arrows you use will also play a crucial role in increasing the crossbow’s overall damage output.

You can obtain this crossbow by offering the Remembrance of the Unbroken Promise to Molhu. For a secondary weapon, the Harrower Dervla’s Crossbow can deal high damage from a distance and would be an excellent choice for a ranged weapon with precision.

4. Lightreaper Swords

A screenshot of the left-land Lightreaper Sword in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: RPJames / YouTube

Two versions of this same sword are the right and the left-hand Lightreaper swords. Like the Harrower Dervla’s Crossbow, you can only obtain the Lightreaper swords by handing over the Remembrance of the Lightreaper to Molhu after defeating the Colossal boss, the Lightreaper.

These quick and deadly blades have an A scaling in Agility and Inferno and excel at cutting through enemies in your path. The Lightreaper swords, when fully upgraded, will gain a special attack that releases a horizontal wave of fire that damages all enemies hit, dealing fire damage. However, this special attack will consume a Soulflay charge with each use.

3. Pieta’s Sword

A screenshot of the Pieta's Sword in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Costin Gaming / YouTube

Pieta’s Sword is made for those running a Radiance build. This impressive blade deals Holy damage and can inflict the Smite status if the meter is maxed. Like other boss weapons, Pieta’s Sword can only be obtained by giving the Remembrance of Pieta to Molhu. You can dual-wield this sword to amplify the Smite meter build-up and deal devastating Holy damage to enemies in your path.

2. The Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer

A screenshot of the Iron Wayfarer's Hammer in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: ColdBwoyy / YouTube

One of the strongest weapons in the game is the Iron Wayfarer’s Hammer. This weapon is perfect for those running a pure Strength build as it scales with an impressive S in Strength. This powerful weapon can stagger enemies and bosses with its attacks, interrupting most skills coming your way. Wield this powerful weapon and watch your enemies get hammered down.

1. Fallen Lord’s Sword

A screenshot of the Fallen Lord's Sword in Lords of the Fallen.
Source: Sofa Supastar Gaming / YouTube

Arguably one of the best weapons in the game, the Fallen Lord’s Sword is the ultimate Inferno weapon. This weapon deals the highest Ignite effect out of all the Inferno weapons in Lords of the Fallen while dealing Physical and Fire damage. With an impressive A+ scaling, you can easily combine this weapon with additional spells to leave your enemies vulnerable and burn them all to the ground.

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