The Survivalists: Monkey | How to Train Monkey


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There are very interesting and bizarre gameplay mechanics in the Survivalists. But probably, the most bizarre one is how you can use monkeys to do the work for you.

The Survivalists: Monkey | How to Train Monkey

Seems this has become a trend in recent days, because there are many games that have these followers which you can use as workers. Nevertheless, they can copy very interesting and complex actions.

But it can be quite confusing to new players, on how this mechanic works. Today, wee will show you how to train a monkey in The Survivalists.

How to Train Monkey in The Survivalists

monkey the survivalists

You can have many monkey workers in this game. You are not limited to one or two. They make surviving much easier and more efficient.

The way it works is that you give a treat to your pet, and then do the action you want it to do. It can be quite a roster of things like, picking stuff up and putting them in a chest, building, placing, gathering, and virtually anything you can do yourself.

So, how to train a monkey in The Survivalists?

  1. Interact with the pet.
  2. Click on Mimic Player Action.
  3. Do the task. Be diligent and do the whole task. The monkey will understand once you’ve finished the task.
  4. Check whether the monkey does the task correctly, it might take a couple of times.

Once you get into a rhythm and train your monkeys well, you can pretty much automate a lot of things. That is why this is such an interesting concept.

To get monkey companions, you need to find them in the wild. Once you do, you need to give them a Monkey Meal. After that, they become your companions.

To make a Monkey Meal, you need one petal, one berry, and one makeshift bowl. Try to stack up on these meals in case you find monkeys roaming around in the jungle when exploring. Good luck!

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