The Survivalists: How to Get Mud


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Mud will be needed in a lot of crafting recipes in The Survivalists. So, you better settle in because you will need to gather quite a substantial amount of mud.

The Survivalists: How to Get Mud

Surprisingly, I thought that mud can be obtained in this game by mixing dirt and water, but to my surprise, this wasn’t true. To get mud you need to obtain it from the outside world.

Worry not, because we will tell you exactly how to get mud in the Survivalists.

How to Get Mud – The Survivalists

how to get mud

Firstly, you must get the needed tools, and for that you need to craft other items first. This game has a blueprint crafting system, which means you need to craft to unlock other crafting recipes.

At the beginning of the game you will start with a simple axe. As you craft more tools, more get unlocked. The same goes with other objects, not just tools.

To unlock more object crafting recipes, you’ll need to craft other structures, you get the idea.

So, how to get mud? Well, you will need to get a shovel. But shovels unlocked after you have quite a few simple tools unlocked.

After that, you will need to find some grassy areas. This is because you can get mud from grassy biomes, while with the other biomes it is highly unlikely.

Besides, finding grassy areas is pretty easy because your first island will be grassy. After that, use your shovel to dig into the ground.

After you dug it up, just use your corresponding control to pick it up. Moreover, if the next foot of ground is a different biome, you shouldn’t care since you will still get your dirt.

Along with mud, you would probably need sand, which can be extracted in the same way. Just go on the beach and dig it up. Good luck, survivor!


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