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Valorant is a game where your skins matter a lot. It’s certainly one of the biggest virtues of the gameplay experience.

The Top 10 Valorant Skins

But how can you pick a skin that makes you stand out of the crowd and shows your true identity as a Valorant megafan? Let’s review 10 skins in the game and help you make this vital decision.

10. Snakebite

Available for – Shorty

Cost – Viper Contract

This series of skins can be acquired by completing the Viper Contract. This toxic-green skin is wonderful due to the fact you won’t need to pay actual money for it and its really distinct visuals. As cool as the skin is, Shorty isn’t a particularly useful weapon in the Valorant meta, so this skin is more style than substance.

9. The Avalanche Collection

Available for – Classic, Spectre, Phantom, Vandal, Marshal

Cost – 1,275 VP per weapon

The cool-as-ice blue tint of the Avalanche collection is a wonderful fir for people that want to be stylish without being too flashy or vibrant. It’s easy on the eyes, both in terms of aesthetics and coloring. An overall great pick.

8. dot EXE Collection

Available for – Classic, Spectre, Phantom, Vandal, Marshal

Cost – 1,000 VP per weapon

This collection is heavily inspired by the cyberpunk aesthetic, especially the movie TRON. If you’re a fan of the digital space and want to show it to the world, the dot EXE collection is the right pick for you.

7. Spitfire

Available for – Frenzy

Cost – Phoenix’s contract

Keeping up with Phoenix’s fiery look, the Spitfire skin is a very good pick for players that don’t want to spend too much money on looking stylish. This skin looks better than many of the paid skins, so it’s a good pick for anyone playing the game.

6. Imperium Collection

Available for – Classic and Tactical Knife

Cost – 1,275 VP for Classic and 2,550 VP for Tactical Knife

Being one of the more premium skins, Imperium has this dragon theme to it that’s quite cool. The combination of emerald green and gold is a winning one and transports you into the palace of an Eastern emperor.

5. Prism Collection

Available for – Ghost, Spectre, Ares, Phantom, Operator, Tactical Knife

Price – 1,275 VP for all except the 2,550 VP for the Tactical Knife

Coming into a louder and noticeable color, the Prism collection is meant for agents that want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

4. Final Chamber

Available for – Classic

Cost – Sage’s contract

Yet another stylish green, Sage’s contract reward is a worthwhile addition to each Valorant skin collection.

3. Hush

Available for – Ghost

Price – Sova’s contract

Similarly to Sova himself, the Hush skin is low-key and interesting. The finer details of the metal and the subtle touches of color make this a worthwhile skin to have.

2. Luxe Collection

Available for – Ghost, Judge, Spectre, Vandal, Operator Tactical Knife

Price – 875 VP for all except for the Tactical Knife, which is 1,750 VP

Luxe is certainly for lovers of the color red. The nice metallic use of crimson is a perfect show of both strength and style.

1. Prime Collection

Available for – Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal, Tactical Knife

Price – 1,775 for all except for the Tactical Knife, which is 3,550

The name says it all – this is a prime skin. One of the pricier options, Prime is the perfect way to show your support of both the developers and of good style.

Extra Skin : Elder flame

Available for : Vandal, Frenzy, Judge and Operator

Price – 1,775 for all except for the Tactical Knife, which is 3,550

Elder flame is not just regular skin, it comes out with animation and cool looking flames and fire. It’s hot and worth it. Currently the most expensive skin!

These are the skins we think are most worthwhile in Valorant right now. Riot Games are sure to release many more amazing cosmetic items, so stay tuned to Caffeinated Gamer to get all the news & guides that we’ll cover.

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So… what’s your favourite valorant skin? Comment below!

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