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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 features a lot of very tough challenges and missions. The game is riddled with tricks to be performed, letters to collect, object to gather, etc. Countless areas also have secret locations you can go to and some random interactions.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 School II - Goals & Secrets

Each section of the game will test your skating abilities, but also your knowledge and perceptions. Like others, School II offers all of these challenges to you. If you want to pass it with 100%, you will need to know the School II goals and secrets.

School II Goals and Secrets

Let’s find out all School II Goals and secrets in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 :

S-K-A-T-E Locations

From the spawn, go to the right hallway. Grind the rail, and you will find the first letter S.

You will appear to be in the park in the library. Go in the middle where the ground is higher, and on the opposite side of the library, there is a ramp, and in the air is the letter K.

When facing the library, take the left hallway, then go left again. Be careful. Officer Dick will try to hunt you down here. Grind the rail, and on it, you will find the letter A.

After grinding the rail, immediately go right. Reach a building with two garages on two sides. There is a ramp in the middle, use it, and higher up, you will find the letter, T.

Next, loop around the trailers, and on the second ramp, you see you will see the letter E.

Hall Passes

From spawn, don’t go to the right hallway. Instead, go to the left one which goes down. The first hall pass is on the rail.

After that, continue going straight, and above the middle tables and benches is the second hall pass.

Continue straight, and you will see the third hall pass above the sign for the Matt Helsom Memorial Gymnasium.

Proceed heading the same direction and from the trailers go left. On the second ramp from the left, in the air, is the fourth hall pass.

On the other side of the trailers, you will find the last hall pass on this map.

Secret Locations in School II

The first location is Chicken’s Pool. To access this area go to the Matt Helsom Memorial Gymnasium. When inside, go right and keep going until you reach the basketball court.

Next, on the other side of the court, go left. Continue going the same direction until you reach the pool.

The next area is hidden behind the library. So, in the park library, get a good speed and skate straight to the library. There is a tiny ramp from the curb in the front, so use it to get on top.

When on top, continue to the second building, then drop down to the secret area.

Secret Tape Location

The secret tape can be found on the roof of the library. When you are on the top, go to the other side mid-air in the middle is the secret tape.

These are all collectibles or things you need to get 100%. There is more. However, it is mostly doing tricks and whatnot. Skate safe!

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