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Craftopia is one of the most immersive survival and advancement games out there. It heavily features crafting, hunting, fishing, automation, and survival. In the game, there are endless possibilities to what you can do.

Craftopia : How to Make Batteries

Survival games have advanced so far in the past few years. Developers are now managing to make the game more immersive or realistic, with as many possibilities as possible. Even though Craftopia hasn’t got the most realistic graphics, it makes up for it in experience.

As you advance through this vast world, certain materials will be needed for either technological advancement or just basic survival. An essential item you would need is batteries. See below how to make batteries in Craftopia most effectively.

How To Make Batteries In Craftopia

Batteries can be used to power certain vehicles or objects that would require a battery. Because you will build factories, some machines will need energy, and batteries are a suitable power source.

The batteries of Craftopia can be used from the fourth age of advancement. To make and charge these batteries, like in real life, you need to have energy. Energy can primarily be harvested from motion. So, to create batteries, you would need some movement and something that will gather the energy.

How to craft batteries in Craftopia?

  • Build Generators. Generators are hamster wheel-like structures that need to be moved to create batteries.
  • Capture animals or mobs. It would be best if you put animals or mobs inside the hamster wheel to start moving and generating power.
  • Throw the captured mobs inside of the generators. Depending on how much HP the creature has, the battery quantity will vary.

Also, at level 20, most mobs have the same amount of health, so you can generally expect to get about four batteries from mobs.

After the mobs die, you can still get their loot.

To advance into the fifth age, you would probably need about 20 batteries. Keep in mind that vehicles also take five batteries, so that you would need about two creatures for a car. Nevertheless, the batteries in Craftopia are easy to make, even though they are such an essential item.

Taming or getting the creatures can be tricky, so be careful. Good luck, survivor!

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