Top 5 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft 1.19



When a player enters the survival game mode world, they must use any means to protect themselves from anything or anyone that may want to cause them harm and kill them, including mobs. Moreover, as the players progress further and further into the game’s storyline, they will continue to encounter some of the most dangerous mobs in the game.

Top 5 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft’s latest update, the 1.19 Wild Update, is filled with hostile mobs that can inflict damage or even kill the players in more ways than one. A mob’s strength and toughness largely depend on several factors and abilities that the mob has.

While regular hostile mobs will only attack players with normal weapons or fists and can easily be killed, stronger hostile mobs may even obliterate players with a single hit and will take a long time to slay. With these factors on each of the hostile mobs taken into account, we have compiled a short list of the top 5 dangerous mobs and their abilities in Minecraft 1.19.

Top 5 Dangerous Mobs in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update

5. Elder Guardian

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Inside an ocean monument, up to three elder guardians guard the structure and are situated in specific locations. The elder guardian is a larger version of the guardian mob and is a dangerous underwater hostile mob that only spawns inside an ocean monument. The elder guardian is considered the largest aquatic hostile mob in the game.

The elder guardian has a special ability to shoot laser-like attacks from its eyes and deal about six hearts of damage in Minecraft hardcore difficulty. The elder guardian also has a special innate ability to automatically inflict the mining fatigue status effect to all players within range of the entire ocean monument to prevent players from being able to mine any block underwater. Players must kill all three to remove the mining debuff and completely conquer the ocean monument.

This is because the mining fatigue status effect will cause the player’s speed of mining to be drastically reduced, hence making players unable to mine any blocks while submerged underwater.

4. Ravager

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The ravager is a four-legged, semi-large hostile mob that only spawns during the later stages of a village raid and will usually be ridden by any pillager mob. The ravager is one of the strongest and toughest mobs in the game due to its high health and damage output. One ravager can attack a player and deal a minimum of four and a half hearts of damage with a single melee attack and about three hearts with its roar attack. Players who face a ravager during a village raid are strongly advised to wear enchanted solid armor sets as the ravager can easily kill the player if the player is unequipped and unarmed. Once killed, the ravager will always drop a saddle which you can use to ride mounts such as horses to control.

3. Ender Dragon

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Even though the ender dragon is considered the final boss mob that players will need to defeat to complete the story and finish Minecraft, it is not the strongest mob in the game. However, defeating the ender dragon is difficult, and players must be fully prepared to fight the final battle before actually facing it.

From locating a stronghold to breaking all end crystals at the top of the end pillars in the boss area, fighting the ender dragon is more than tedious. This specific boss mob will constantly shoot dragon’s bre0ath at the player who already deals a lot of damage, while players must also avoid the endermen that roam the area.

And if the players get too close to the ender dragon’s wings, they can be thrown into the air and die from taking fall damage, depending on the height of the fall. But even if the ender dragon is not considered the strongest mob in Minecraft, it is still the game’s final boss, and players should take precautionary measures before facing the ender dragon in battle.

2. Wither

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For many years, the wither was considered the strongest mob in the game, even stronger than the ender dragon. This three-headed skeleton boss mob is unique simply because players need to create its body and summon the mob themselves to fight it, as it does not naturally spawn in the world like every other mob in the game.

Once the wither spawns, an explosion will happen, and the area around it will get destroyed. It will then prepare itself for a few seconds before hovering around and randomly shooting explosive withers toward any player or mob in sight. The wither’s total health points equal 150 hearts regardless of the game’s difficulty in Minecraft Java Edition, whereas, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the wither’s health differs depending on the game’s difficulty, with 150 hearts being the lowest in easy mode and 300 hearts being the highest in hard mode.

1. Warden

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After the latest Minecraft 1.19 update, the warden became the scariest and most dangerous hostile mob of all time. This is because the warden has the highest health points out of all the mobs, even higher than the ender dragon and the wither, as it has a total health point of 250 hearts while also being able to deal the greatest melee attack damage of all mobs.

But surprisingly, the warden is completely blind and only relies on its hearing, surrounding vibrations, and smell to locate any mobs or players in the vicinity. However, once the warden detects a player or mob, it will become aggravated and chase the player or the mob down until either the warden or its target dies.

The warden’s melee attack is considered the strongest out of all the mobs as it can deal about eight hearts of damage in easy mode and 22 hearts of damage in hard mode. This attack is so strong that even a fully equipped netherite armor player can die in just two hits, and an unequipped player can be killed in a single hit.

Aside from being melee, the warden also has a ranged sonic attack that can deal three hearts of damage on easy mode and seven hearts on hard mode. This sonic attack can penetrate walls, shields, and armor, making even veteran players of Minecraft cower when faced with the warden.

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