Top 5 Minecraft Pets in 2022



Going on an adventure in Minecraft is fun, but doing it alone, especially when playing in survival mode, can be lonely and a bit dangerous. Fortunately, certain mobs in Minecraft can be tamed to become your loyal companion throughout your journey in the overworld. Here is a list of the five best mobs to tame as pets in Minecraft in 2022.

Top 5 Minecraft Pets in 2022

Whether they are passive, neutral, or hostile mobs, Mobs in Minecraft are quite different from what you would expect them to be in real life. Although most animal mobs in Minecraft are based on real animals, they do not quite necessarily act and look the same way as they do in the game. In reality, befriending animals such as dogs and cats will require you to continuously feed them, care for them, and show them love and affection. In Minecraft, you will only need to feed them their favorite food item to like you and follow you around. The same method goes for almost all of the passive and neutral mobs in Minecraft.

You would expect a typical pet to be a cat or a dog in the game. But you would be surprised that there are other tamable mobs in Minecraft that you can keep as a companion as they provide you with many benefits as a player. These benefits will vary depending on what the mob can provide for the player when tamed as a pet, but most of these benefits are helpful in one way or another. But certain mobs work best when tamed and can help the player throughout their journey; thus, it is worth noting which ones are the best mobs to tame and keep as a pet in Minecraft.

5. Foxes

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Minecraft foxes might not be the most helpful of all the mobs when it comes to being a player’s pet, but they have their perks as well. If you want a loyal companion who helps you pick things up from the ground, then a pet fox is just what you are looking for. To be precise, the baby foxes are the “pets” that you want. Unfortunately, breeding them is another matter entirely.

Adult foxes are naturally scared of the player and will often run away when they go near them. And since the fox is a fleet-footed mob, it is almost impossible to catch them or even approach them, especially if you are not knowledgeable on how to do so. The trick to coming to these little creatures is to sneak or crouch while holding a sweet berry or glow berry in your hand.

Then once you get near enough to feed them, give two adult foxes a sweet berry or glow berry for them to breed. When they finish breeding, a baby fox will be born. The baby fox will no longer be afraid of you and will follow you around once it reaches adulthood. Tie a lead to your new pet and bring it home. Your newly tamed fox will then pick up items on the ground and give them to you, making them an adorable and useful pet to have.

4. Parrots


Parrots make the unlikeliest of pets when it comes to mobs in Minecraft. Although they may not be as helpful as other stronger and bigger mobs that assist players in battle, they are unique on their own as they assist players differently. Parrots are one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft, as a single parrot will only have a 0.2% chance of spawning in a jungle biome.

Parrots are passive mobs which means that they do not hurt or harm the player in any way regardless of whether they are attacked or not. Safe to say, they are harmless and scarce creatures adorable to have as a pet. But once you find one of these little creatures, you are in for a lucky treat, and you would have to do your best to tame them while you have the chance. Jungle biomes are rare enough as it is, and the parrot’s spawn rate makes them even more infrequent.

Taming them can also be quite tricky as these birds can fly and you—as the player—cannot. To tame them, feed them any of the following seeds: wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, and beetroot seeds. Each seed fed will have a 1 out of 10 taming the parrot. They will fly to you and perch on your shoulder when you have successfully tamed them.

A unique perk about parrots is they imitate sounds of nearby hostile mobs whether or not the same mob is visible to the player. This makes them very useful, especially during the night when hostile mobs spawn endlessly. You will then hear the sound coming from your tamed parrot, indicating that a hostile mob is nearby and likely lurking from the shadows.

3. Horses, Donkeys, and Mules


The world of Minecraft is vast, and venturing by foot, whether you are walking or sprinting, can be quite tedious and exhausting to do. Moving on foot is rarely the best way, especially when in a sandbox game like Minecraft. However, using either a horse, a donkey, or a mule can help you move about without exhausting yourself and travel just as quickly—if not faster.

Horses and donkeys are easily tamable mobs, while mules can be acquired through breeding a donkey and a horse together. You can tame these mobs by simply right-clicking on them in an attempt to mount. This action will likely make them buck you off, and you will have to repeat the process several times before hearts appear, and they will have been successfully tamed. Horses can run faster than the other two mobs, jump higher, and wear horse armor.

Donkeys are the slowest of the bunch, but they can be equipped with a chest for extra storage. On the other hand, Mules are slightly faster than donkeys, and they can also be fitted with a chest. And to top it off, taming these mobs do not require any food items, unlike other mobs in Minecraft.

2. Cats


Let’s not forget our feline friends wherever we go. Cats are just as adorable as they are in real life. Minecraft is considered one of the best and most loyal pets to have and will constantly follow you around if they are not ordered to sit.

Cats are easily manageable and have a few quirky traits when tamed. You can easily tame them by simply feeding them with raw salmon or raw cod that you can obtain from fishing. A tamed cat will constantly walk around with you and sometimes sits or lies on your bed. At night when the player sleeps, a tamed cat will move towards the player and sleep with them.

The player will wake up to the cat on a few occasions, bringing a few gifts such as a rabbit’s foot, rabbit hide, raw chicken, and phantom membrane. Keeping a pet cat around will not only give you the perfect feline companion, but they will also keep creepers away—as creepers are afraid of cats!

1. Wolves


Tamed wolves are the game’s version of a pet “dog.” when they say that a dog is a man’s best friend, they mean it. These lovable and loyal creatures are one of the best pets to have in the game, if not the best. Once tamed, wolves will become your “right-hand mob” and will protect you from all the hostile mobs that will try to hurt you unless ordered to sit.

They can be easily tamed by feeding them with bones obtained from skeletons, and you can heal them back to full health by giving them meat. Regardless of anything else, wolves are the best mobs to have as pets in Minecraft as they are not only lovable but extremely loyal as well, and they will protect you to their dying breath.

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