Top 5 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft 1.19


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Learn the top 5 rarest item finds in Minecraft 1.19!

Top 5 Rarest Item Finds in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft’s latest update, the 1.19 Wild Update, introduced several new items in the game, such as mud bricks, mangrove wooden planks, echo shards, and frog lights. Many new items are difficult to obtain, and some are very valuable, like the echo shards, which you can use to craft recovery compasses.

After the 1.19 Wild Update, there have been numerous new and rare items that players can find in the game. These items are often found inside ancient cities, some of the rarest structures in the game. Given their high-end loot, they are also widely considered the best structure in Minecraft since the update, including a few structure-exclusive items obtainable only in an ancient city.

Discovering these new items will benefit your game progression and achieving higher feats. We have listed below the top 5 rarest items you can find as a survival player in Minecraft’s latest update, the 1.19 Wild Update.

Top 5 Rarest Items You Can Find and Where to Get Them in Minecraft 1.19

1. Other Side Music Disc

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On the other hand, music discs were first introduced in Minecraft 1.18. In Minecraft, whenever new music comes out, it is usually popular, especially those on music discs that are usable in-game. Music discs are all pretty rare, as each has its specific location in which players may loot them.

Still, a few of these music discs are nearly impossible, and most players may even complete the game without encountering every single one. On the other side, music discs can only be found in about two places inside the game: inside a stronghold alter chest and inside an ancient city chest.

The other side music disc only has an 8.4% chance to spawn in a stronghold alter chest and a 2.5% chance to spawn in an ancient city chest (2.4% in Minecraft Bedrock Edition), making this specific music disc pretty rare. Given that these two locations are among the most difficult structures to find in the game, the rarity of this disc spawning inside a random chest makes the other side music disc almost impossible to acquire.

2. Echo Shards

1 2

Echo shards are new items added to the game along with the 1.19 update, but they are quickly becoming important for players. The recovery compass can point to the location or area of a player’s last death site. It is an incredibly valuable item since dying in Minecraft means the loss of all items and half of a player’s current experience points, which often includes a map.

However, a single recovery compass alone is already quite hard to craft, as players will need eight echo shards to craft one. Echo shards are only found in an ancient city, one of Minecraft’s rarest structures, and the woodland mansion. And even if players can locate an ancient city in their gameplay, the chest containing an echo shard only has about a 29.8% chance to randomly generate up to 3 echo shards, making these items pretty rare.

3. Pigstep music disc

1 3

The pigstep music disc is probably the most challenging for players in Minecraft to get their hands on, as it can only be found inside a bastion remnant chest with a 5.6% chance of randomly generating inside one of them. Unfortunately for survival players in Minecraft, the bastion remnant is a far rarer structure to come by than a nether fortress.

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The nether dimension alone is quite difficult to explore on foot, making things easier, even more complicated, and dangerous. Finding a pigstep music disc during one of your gameplays will mean that you have found one of the rarest items inside one of the rarest structures in the game. This also means that you have braved the nether for probably longer than most players, which alone will signify an outstanding achievement for you.

4. Elytra

1 5

The elytra are probably one of the most popular in-game items that all players want to get their hands on, as they can only be obtained during the end-game. The elytra are extremely rare since they are probably the most challenging item to even get to in the first place.

To obtain the elytra, players are required to find a stronghold, enter the end portal to travel to the End, defeat the ender dragon, travel to the End’s outer islands, avoid all enderman mobs, locate an end city, and climb the end ship at the top of the end city.

Not to mention the shoulders that defend the end city as you make your way to the top of one of the highest structures in the game; obtaining the elytra is not an easy feat. And what makes it even worse is that not all end cities generate an end ship that contains the elytra.

So, if you are lucky enough to come across an end city with Elytra inside, then you are probably one of the few lucky players to do so. And since the end city is one of the most dangerous structures for players to venture into, obtaining the elytra is very useful and an impressive flex.

5. Enchanted Golden Apple

1 4

The enchanted golden apple is an extremely valuable item in the game. It is probably considered one of the rarest items to obtain, especially for players who are not using cheats and are playing a survival game mode. The enchanted golden apple can only spawn in several different chests in Minecraft. Still, each of them only has a tiny percentage at which the enchanted golden apple can spawn. It can be randomly found in a chest inside one of the following structures in the game:

  • Ancient city chest: 28.4%;
  • Bastion remnant treasure chest: 16.5%;
  • Desert temple chest: 12.6%;
  • Dungeon chest: 13.1%;
  • Mineshaft chest: 11.4%;
  • Ruined portal chest: 11.5%;
  • Woodland mansion chest: 13.1%;

And seeing as most of these structures are pretty hard to locate, having an enchanted golden apple spawn inside a random chest in one of these rare structures makes this one of the rarest items to obtain in the game.

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