5 Best Breeding Mobs in Minecraft 1.19


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Minecraft has had many major changes recently in the game with the release of the Caves and Cliffs update. This update has added many new features to the game, including revamped caves, improved mountains, and some new mobs.

5 Best Breeding Mobs in Minecraft 1.19

There are already dozens of awesome animals in Minecraft with the Caves and Cliffs update. Minecraft 1.19 has loads of impressive and useful mobs that can be bred. Breeding is a unique feature that allows the players to spawn offspring of certain mobs and grow them. 

Breeding animals is a common part of playing Minecraft, especially if you plan on playing long-term, as they can act as forms of resources, transportation, and even companionship.

In this Minecraft guide, we’ll provide a handy and detailed list of five animal mobs available to breed in Minecraft, including horses, Cows, Wolves, and many more.

And should you choose to build an animal farm, you’ll save yourself plenty of time in the long run and a huge relief in stress as it’s one less thing you must worry about gathering the resources.

1. Horse

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Players commonly use horses as transportation to travel the world faster. They are faster mobs in this game and can automatically jump on high ground within one block. Breeding this animal can produce an even faster and healthier horse.

For years, players have used breeding to create some of the most vital and impressive horses in the game that can run fast, have a huge health bar, and even jump multiple blocks.

But, the players must create rare golden carrots to breed them. Breeding horses that are too young can result in weaker offspring. Wait until your horses are fully grown and have high stats before breeding them. 

It’s important to consider the traits and characteristics of the parents when breeding horses. It’s important to keep your breeding horses separate from the rest of your horses to prevent accidental breeding and to keep track of their lineage. Breeding horses without considering their genetics can also result in unpredictable offspring.

2. Wolf

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Wolves are one of the several mobs that gamers can find within Minecraft. Most players will encounter the wolves in Forests, Taiga, Groves, Snowy Taiga, Old Growth Pine Taiga, and Old Growth Spruce terrain and biomes. 

Wolves are considered one of the best house mobs in the game. These specific creatures are essentially neutral and can be tamed to become useful companions in the game. On top of this, individuals can also breed tamed wolves by feeding them meat.

Taming and breeding wolves is not very challenging, and players can achieve the same easily. They are incredibly loyal and will follow their owners wherever they go. Moreover, they will not hesitate to attack any mob that harms their master, no matter how powerful they are.

On top of that, players can even breed them for cute cubs. Those who love dogs can create an army of wolves to protect them. Wolves can enter “love mode” after eating any raw meat.

3. Cows

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It may sound odd, but cow beef is considered one of the best food items in the game. It replenishes four hunger points, helping the players heal faster and stay healthy in the game. Cows are one of the best mobs to breed, as users create a massive pen filled with cows that can be killed to obtain beef.

Cows are essential for Minecraft players for a few different reasons. The process becomes relatively easy since they breed with a common crop like wheat. Of course, if this is too much for some players, the game also has vegetarian food options.

The first and most obvious reason cows are important for survival players is that they drop raw beef. Players can then cook this into a steak to stave off the perils of starvation. Another use for cows is their other, much more important drop: leather.

Leather can be used to make books. Books are, in turn, used to make bookshelves, mainly used to increase the maximum level of enchantment available for players to select in enchantment tables.

4. Axolotl

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Axolotls are some of the cutest and most unique mobs in Minecraft. These land and underwater mobs spawn in the Lush Caves biome. Even though they cannot commonly be tamed, there is a way to breed more of them.

Players must find two adult axolotls and feed them a bucket of tropical fish. This way, the heart particles will appear over them, spawning a baby axolotl. They are impressive pets to keep in a base and can also be excellent allies when fighting hostile underwater mobs.

5. Allay

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Allay is a new flying mob in the game that is beneficial to players in the game. What is known is that Allay can be found in prisons in woodland mansions and pillager outposts.

Once freed, this helpful little mob can procure and carry items for you. While allays do not necessarily breed with each other, they can be duplicated using amethyst shards. Though players are still discovering how to use these mobs efficiently, they are already famous in the game’s community.

They must be near a jukebox playing any music disc to duplicate Allays. Once they start dancing, players need to give them an amethyst shard to duplicate them.

Once the mob duplicates, both entities enter a cooldown before they can be duplicated again.

Breeding mobs in Minecraft is a fun and rewarding activity that can enhance your gameplay experience. Following the ideas of breeding and useful mobs in this article, you can create a stable of unique and powerful mobs to help you in your adventures.

You must remember to be patient and careful when breeding these mobs and to avoid common mistakes such as breeding unhealthy or too many mobs to breed.

With some practice and experimentation, you can become a skilled mob breeder and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

So go ahead and start breeding those mobs! You never know what unique and powerful combinations you might discover. Happy breeding!

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