Top 5 Villager Trades For Emeralds in Minecraft (2024)


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Learn the top 5 villager trades for emeralds in Minecraft in 2024!

Top 5 Villager Trades For Emeralds in Minecraft (2024)

While Minecraft is packed with tons of challenges in-game, the game also involves a plethora of hurdles concerning resources. Emeralds are one of the hardest unique resources to obtain in the game, and players could spend hours mining to acquire them.

But players can also use villagers as an awesome source of emeralds as well. Players can trade with several villagers, but the process can become tricky if you are trying to farm emeralds in the game.

Stick around to find out about the best villagers to trade with for emeralds in Minecraft so you can start stacking up those valuable resources for a smoother playthrough.

Emeralds are possibly Minecraft’s most valuable resources or currency, as they can reward awesome items and are incredibly hard to acquire.

They can often be harder to find than diamonds, which are already incredibly tricky to locate and source, considering the necessity for specific tools and potentially some high-tier enchantments.

One of the best features of villager trades in Minecraft is that they can be turned into a trader except for nitwits. To convert a normal villager into a trader, players need to place job site blocks like a fletching table or composter in the villager’s vicinity.

Emeralds are hard to get if the player tries to mine them, but they can get much of it by trading. Every villager will trade emeralds at a novice level. The traders the player has attacked will offer terrible trade deals, and zombie villagers who have been cured will trade items like emeralds for one item.

In Minecraft, villagers are an important and useful source of items that players can help and acquire by assigning them a profession using a job site block, making it the best mobs in the game for item acquisition.

But these ideas will not work in employed villagers or nitwits. Minecraft emeralds are very useful as the game’s primary currency for trading with villagers, but they don’t have much use aside from this. There are multiple sources of emeralds, with one of the best being trading.

1. Emeralds for rotten flesh

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Some Minecraft players who have been playing for a few weeks or months will likely have an abundance of rotten flesh.

This item is useless as consuming and using it usually inflicts a Hunger status effect on the player, which depletes the hunger bar faster than normal. Novice-level clerics would likely take 32 pieces of rotten flesh in exchange for an emerald.

This trade is common for the players who own a mob tower with several stacks of rotten flesh. For those who don’t know, a cleric’s job site block is a brewing stand, and it can also be crafted using a blaze rod and a few cobblestones.

2. Emeralds for sticks

1 28

In Minecraft, trees are very common; you will see them everywhere. So the players don’t have to worry about running out of wood. The players can trade for emeralds with fletchers by making sticks from planks.

While giving a Fletcher 32 sticks for one emerald may seem expensive, sticks are very easy to obtain, so it’s a good deal. A Fletcher’s job site block is a fletching table. It can be crafted using the two flints and four planks of the same type on the crafting table.

3. Emeralds in exchange for wheat

1 29

The Farmer villagers will offer the player an emerald in exchange for 20 wheat, which is quite a good deal as the latter can grow quickly and easily.

Players can also get wheat seeds by punching the wild grass and growing them on their farmland blocks. It is important to note that wheat grows only when farmland blocks are perfectly managed with water and the seed receives light.

If the player’s village does not have a spawned farmer villager, they can use an unemployed villager into one by placing a composter next to it. This job site block can be crafted easily using seven wooden slabs on the crafting table.

The benefit of farmer villagers is that they are found in almost every village. Farmers will need a composter at their disposal to do their job properly, and they also come with a few good trades.

Their trades for a few stacks of wheat for Emerald is one to note since most players will likely set up massive crop farms anyway and have a lot of leftovers after feeding their farm animals.

Almost any Minecraft player will be able to afford this trade eventually, and players can even use the crops found in villages to contribute to this trade.

4. Emeralds for iron ingots

1 31

This trade offer is commonly useful for players with access to an iron farm or accumulated excess iron ingots.

This may seem like a terrible trade because iron is a useful resource. But if the player has created an iron farm, they will always have extra iron ingots to use and trade.

Using those ingots, players can trade and get a lot of emeralds. Novice toolsmiths, apprentice weaponsmiths, and novice armorers will offer one emerald in exchange for four iron ingots, and this is a good deal to trade for it.

5. Emeralds in exchange for stones

1 30

Stones are some of the most common blocks found in Minecraft. And it’s similar to cobblestones. It cannot be directly mined, and doing so results in the block dropping only cobblestone.

But, the players can mine stones using a pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment. Cobblestones can also be smelted to acquire stone blocks.

Players can create a mason villager by placing a stonecutter next to an unemployed villager. Apprentice-level masons will also offer an emerald for twenty or more stone blocks. This trade will also benefit you, and it’s a good deal to trade.

Trading is a great way to get resources, but you need many emeralds to exploit them. You could obtain emeralds through mining, but they are incredibly rare. It is much easier to obtain them through trading.

Once you have a sufficient amount of emeralds, you are going to want to trade for some high-value items. As a general guide for trading in Minecraft, these are some of the easiest and most useful ideas for trades in obtaining your emeralds.

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