Torchlight 3: How to Pause Game? Is it Possible



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In the Torchlight franchise, we have seen some small issues and quirks which are weirdly implemented intentionally.

Torchlight 3: How to Pause Game? Is it Possible

In the first and second installment of the game, we didn’t have any pausing capabilities. However, players found workarounds to these issues by using the camera mode which froze the game. But other than that, there wasn’t a specific pause button.

That’s why we will inform you how to pause game on the newest of the Torchlight series – Torchlight 3.

How to Pause Game – Torchlight 3

Now, I would guess that it’s common knowledge that you can’t pause a multiplayer game. So, Torchlight 3 in multiplayer cannot be paused.

We’ve seen games implement votes to pause which work, but Torchlight doesn’t have this option. Nevertheless, you are probably here to find out if you can pause in single-player.

So, without further ado, can you pause a game in Torchlight 3?

No, sadly you can’t pause the game in Torchlight 3.

Unfortunately, even after hearing all of the criticism from the predecessors, they didn’t implement a pause feature in this game.

As you have guessed, the community is outraged. What’s even crazier is that there aren’t any workarounds to this issue.

And even more bizarre than that is the fact that the game doesn’t pause even when the battery on your controller dies. In my detrimental ten-year gaming experience, I haven’t seen anything like this.

I truly am at a loss of words about this particular issue. I cannot even comprehend how they would have thought that this was a good idea.

There might be some particulars which we are not aware of development-wise. But I can’t think of any problems that might arise which will destroy the possibility to add a pause option. Let’s hope that they reconsider this decision in the future.

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