Total War ROME REMASTERED Cheats: All Cheat Codes


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With the new rework for Total War ROME, there are many veteran fans returning to the title to revisit some nostalgia. The game is greatly improved, and the positive reviews and feedback is the evidence of that. But what happens if you want to have some fun? Cheat codes have always been a thing in Total War ROME, and they’re available in the Remastered version as well. Let’s see all available cheat codes for Total War ROME REMASTERED.

Total War ROME REMASTERED Cheats: All Cheat Codes

All Cheat Codes – Total War ROME REMASTERED

Like we mentioned before, cheats were available in the previous version as well, which was released in 2004. Interestingly, the cheats haven’t changed, meaning, all of the commands are the same.

But how do you access the console? Well, click the button below the Escape key, or more specifically, (`) – the tilde key. After that, you can get to using some cheats in Total War ROME REMASTERED:

  • give_trait (name) (trait) (level) – Gives the user a particular trait.
  • capture_settlement (town name) – Gives the user control of a particular area/settlement.
  • create_unit (name for general) (the name of unit) (number) – This adds a certain number of unit members to the named general’s crew.
  • oliphaunt – User gets one unit of Yubtseb Elephants.
  • process_cq (name for settlement) – Immediately finishes all building processes for the specific settlement.
  • add_population (name of settlement) (amount) – Populates a certain settlement with the specified amount.
  • add_money (amount) – Gives the user the given amount of money.
  • kill_character – Immediately eliminate the specified character.
  • season (winter or summer) – Change the season.
  • Jericho – Obliterate your enemy’s walls.
  • date (year) – Change the year for the user’s campaign.
  • auto_win (attacker or defender) – Win the battle.
  • toggle_fow – Enable or disable war fog.
  • toggle_perfect_spy – Give everyone perfect spying ability, with infinite range.

NOTE: Make sure to remove the brackets when typing in the commands, and making note of the casing of letters. The console is case-sensitive.

There weren’t any new additions to Total War ROME REMASTERED in terms of available cheats. But still, these are enough for most of the things that a player would need.

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