Adopt Me: How Much is a Candy Cannon Worth


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With the new additions in Adopt Me, it gets harder and harder to determine the worth of certain items and pets in the game. For years though, one of the most special items was the Candy Cannon. There are a lot of bizarr toys in the game, but this one is interesting. It shoots candy, and the candy increases the players’ speed. But while many know that, they aren’t aware of its worth.

Adopt Me: How Much is a Candy Cannon Worth

How Much is a Candy Cannon Worth – Adopt Me

The amount of candy that can be shot from this toy is unlimited, hence why so many are interested in its value. When it was available, you could get it for a whopping 2000 Robux, which was quite a lot. That was during the 2018 Halloween Event, and since then, it is only available through trading.

But how much should you get or pay for it? Well, the Candy Cannon in Adopt Me is worth about one NFR Frost Dragon, and one Shadow Dragon.

Some people even trade a Neon Frost Dragon, and two additional Shadow Dragons, but those are the rarer trade that one could get.

Why would this toy be worth so much?

Well, for one, it is very unique. The whole mechanic behind it is interesting. Once you pick up the candies from the ground, they appear as lollipops in your inventory. The more of them you eat, the faster you’ll be. Plus, this will only reset when you restart the game.

Other than that, it was relatively pricy, and not that many people decided to buy it. Which means that there are only a handful of players who have a Candy Cannon. Currently, it is the second most valued toy in the game, with the first being the Rainbow Rattle.

The Rainbow Rattle is a bit of a fog. The item was released, then quickly removed from the game, hence not that many people have it, so possessing it is quite special.

In any case, if you have the Candy Cannon, you can get a lot for it, but if you’re in the market for one, it is a good thing to own!

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