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I’m not one for point-and-click adventure games, but I will acknowledge that Twelve Minutes has a depth to it, a depth which I haven’t seen in any other similar style game. Anyways, the point is, the story is very dynamic with multiple ending. Just how many endings are there? Well, we set out to find out just that, in this fresh release, called ‘Twelve Minutes’.

Twelve Minutes | How Many Endings?

How Many Endings In Twelve Minutes?

It is interesting to see how the story and plot progresses based on the choices that players take within the gameplay. Sure, other games boast with their own interactive story, but they all ultimately end up at the same place, or in other words, with the same ending.

That’s not the case with Twelve Minutes. Each decision you take in this small apartment or house, whatever you want to call it, will change the whole progression of the story.

In Twelve Minutes there are 6 endings to the game. Basically, while these are all of the endings, it doesn’t mean the game will be complete.

In fact, most of them can be witnessed within the first few minutes after playing the game. Others can be witnessed a bit later on, and some, at the end of the game.

Each of the six endings in Twelve Minutes has its own name as follows:

  • Listen;
  • Coward;
  • Groundhog;
  • Confessed;
  • Alone;
  • Continue.

Some take more complex decisions and gameplay to unfold, while others are very easy to trigger. The first one- Listen, is very easy.

Simply, follow the story-line, and once you get to the house or apartment, don’t do anything. Wait, and you’ll be called by your wife to have a chat. The conversation will start off mild, but will soon become very heated once your wife will start asking questions like: ‘How would you feel if I had an affair with someone else?’.

The conversation will end abruptly after she tells you that the mistakes she made are best to be revealed at some other location than the apartment.

And the other endings have similar plot twists and abrupt endings. It keeps players latched on to the game and the story. Impressive depth, and a game which is more than impressive.

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