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There is something immensely satisfying about sniping in games. You’re achieving a great shot from a distance without putting yourself in harms way. You’re killing off another player who might later have killed you and you are probably annoying them intensely because of a shot that came out of nowhere. If that sounds like your idea of fun, here is how to use the scope and snipe effectively in PUBG.

How To Use the Scope and Snipe Effectively in PUBG

Sniper rifles are just one of the weapon types in PUBG. They are the most satisfying to use but also the hardest to master. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds does a credible job of modeling ballistics so not only do you have to anticipate a sometimes moving target, you also have to factor in bullet drop. As a shooter, you really do earn a sniper kill.

I play the PC version so I will use that in this tutorial.

How to use the scope and snipe effectively in PUBG2

How to use the scope in PUBG

If you find a scoped weapon, you will need to be in first person mode in order to use the scope. Press ‘V’ to switch views if you use third person and then right click your mouse to use the scope. Depending on the strength of the scope, you will now see a zoomed view where you can aim and hopefully hit your target.

There are three scope strengths but 8x and 15x are the most effective for sniping. Practice is critical but you need to play in order to do that, so patience is also key.

Sniper rifles in PUBG

Sniper rifles are an excellent weapon to use once you master them but they are rare. The best rifle at the moment in my opinion is the VSS Vintorez. It uses 9mm rounds and has semi- and fully-automatic modes. It is not the most powerful rifle and neither is it the one with the fastest bullet velocity. Instead, it is very quiet and works almost as well at close range as it does at longer range. For these qualities, it works exceptionally well in PUBG where everyone can hear you shoot.

Other sniper rifles to look out for are the bolt-action Kar98K, M24 and the very powerful AWM. The AWM hits like a train but is so loud that just about everyone on the map can hear it. You really do have to pick your shots if you find one of these.

Aiming and shooting with the scope in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not a military simulator and does not pretend to be ARMA III. It does use ballistics though so long shots need a little practice to master. Even static targets will take a little practice and will be frustrating at first.

For a change, I’m not going to describe how to aim and shoot using a scope as others have done it before me, sometimes better. Instead, take a look at this video.


The video is one of the clearest, most comprehensive guides to aiming I have seen and it is what I used to get better at sniping.

Hitting moving targets with the scope in PUBG

If you watched the video above, you will have an idea of how to aim at different distances in order to get hits. But what about if your target is on the move? Then you get into leading. Leading the target is about aiming at a point where the target is going to be, not where they are. The time taken for the bullet to reach the position should ideally intersect with when your target arrives at that position. I don’t know of any magic formula for this except practice. The closer the target is, the less you need to lead. The further away they are, the more you need to lead.

How to use the scope and snipe effectively in PUBG3

Quick tips for sniping in PUBG

Here are some quick tips for mastering the snipe in PUBG. They won’t make you an instant killer but they should help you make a kill or two.

Shift is your friend

Like other games, using shift while sniping simulates you holding your breath. Line up your shot, get ready and hold down shift before you shoot. This minimizes waver while aiming and should help you get the shot on target. It only lasts so long though so use it only when ready to take the shot.

Work with the recoil

All weapons in PUBG have recoil and you have to learn how each weapon behaves to get the most out of it. This is especially true when sniping. The rifle will recoil and you need to move it back into position quickly in case you need to take another shot. Practice is essential here.

React quickly with bolt actions

Bolt action rifles are very effective but they switch you out of scoped view after every shot. This can prevent you seeing where your shot landed so you can compensate. As you’re switched out, switch immediately back into scoped mode so you can see where your shot landed.

Switch scopes when you need to

If you’re fortunate enough to loot multiple scopes don’t be afraid to switch them out as the situation dictates. You can use 4x or 8x for closer range engagements and switch out to 15x when you’re firing from further away. It takes a second but can make the different between getting that hit and missing completely.

Fire and maneuver

Even if you have the best sniping spot on the map, make sure to move after each shot. If you have a silenced weapon you may be able to squeeze out a couple of shots but never stay static. Fire and move and you will stay alive longer to snipe more.

Save zeroing for when you can hit

Sniper rifles can be zeroed so they are effective at different distances. While this helps you get hits, it is also a pain to do on the fly. I find it better to learn to compensate using the scope for different distances. Learn how high to aim the reticle at different ranges rather than zeroing the scope. At least to begin with.

It is essential to know how to use the scope and snipe effectively in PUBG in order to survive. I hope these tips help you do that.

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