How to use Wingman to Plant the Spike in VALORANT


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Learn everything you need to know about using Wingman to Plant the Spike!

How to use Wingman to Plant the Spike in VALORANT

Riot Games made headlines when they released gameplay clips of Gekko in action in the VCT Lock//In Finals in March. Gekko’s most standout ability? Wingman is his cuddly buddy who can remotely plant or defuse the Spike for him.

Many players scrambled to get their hands on the new Agent as soon as possible when Gekko was released in-game a few days after his debut in VCT. However, many players are still confused about how Gekko’s Wingman abilities work, particularly how to plant or defuse the Spike with the ability.

This quick guide will show you how to plant or defuse the Spike using Gekko’s Wingman.

Spike Planting Buddy

Gekko’s Wingman brings gameplay mechanics that have never been seen before in VALORANT – the ability to plant and defuse the Spike remotely. Wingman gives Gekko and his team another player who can take on Spike duty, giving all five team members the space to focus on site-clearing and retake duties when Attacking or Defending bombsites, respectively.

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When he’s not running through crossfire to plant or defuse the Spike in the highly-contested territory, he can spot and concuss enemies within its range—making it a valuable ability that works well for both Attacking and Defending.

Like Gekko’s other cuddly buddies, Wingman will become a dormant globule after he expires. Gekko can then retrieve the globule and reuse Wingman after a short cooldown.

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How to use Wingman to Plant or Defuse the Spike

To use Wingman to plant the Spike, you need to have the Spike in your inventory first. Afterward, equip him by pressing your bind key for the ability (default Q), and then a long directional arrow will pop up, allowing you to dictate where he plants the Spike within the bomb site. Use ALT FIRE or right-click to send Wingman to your desired plant location.

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Using Wingman to plant the Spike can be very confusing the first time around, but get it right the first time, and you’ll get a good idea of the possibilities the little dude offers when Attacking.

He can also defuse the Spike using the same mechanics as planting the Spike. Just equip Wingman by pressing the ability key, then ALT FIRE Wingman toward the direction of the Spike. Wingman will run toward the Spike and attempt to defuse it while you and your teammates clear the bomb site.

Trusty Wingman

Gekko’s Wingman opens up many possibilities for Gekko’s team when Attacking or retaking a bombsite in VALORANT. Gekko’s ability to send one of his friends to plant/defuse the Spike frees up valuable bodies on your team, allowing you to focus on fending off the Attackers on retakes or clearing the bombsite while Wingman plants the Spike for you.

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