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Learn to complete the Luring Girl into Alley Random Event in GTA 5!

Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event GTA 5 Guide

Los Santos is a melting pot of cultures. You will find the rich and famous residing at Vinewood Hills, while gangs and goons can be found down South. And then there are the in-betweens – residents who look harmless but won’t think twice about mugging you for a quick buck.

One random event that shows how crazy people can get in Los Santos is the Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event, where a pair of individuals will try to score an easy payout from Franklin, Trevor, or Michael.

This quick guide outlines everything about the Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event.

Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event Overview

This event is 1 of 60 Random Events you can complete in GTA 5. Unlike most Random Events that feature two or more missions per Random Event, this one-off mission in GTA 5 only happens once in-game.

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The Random Event is simple – you will encounter a woman frantically asking for help in one of the alleys along Supply Street in La Mesa. She will ask you to follow her to her friend, who needs help and requires immediate attention.

The woman will then lead you to where her friend is, and both will immediately attempt to ambush you and rob you for cash. To complete the mission, you only need to kill the man and woman and take all the dropped money as a reward.

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Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event Location

There is only one mission in this event at Supply Street in La Mesa.

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This Random Event will spawn randomly, so check back at the same location later in the day if it doesn’t spawn for you the first time.


Aside from completing the Random Event, you will get anywhere from $10-$50 in dropped money from completing this Random Event in GTA 5.

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Head to Supply Street in La Mesa to find the event, take out the ambushers, and then take the dropped money to complete the Random Event. Hopefully, the Random Event spawns you for the second time around. If the Random Event doesn’t spawn the first time, you can return later and check at the same location.

Nice Try

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are the masters of illegal activities and underdealings in Los Santos. It will take a lot to spook any of these three characters in-game, and the Luring Girl Into Alley is nothing but a day in the office for these three.

Follow the guide above to find the location of the Luring Girl Into Alley Random Event and complete the mission to check off 1 of 14 Random Events you must complete to get 100% in GTA 5.

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