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Since Valheim has a huge progression curve, there is much work that needs to be put into leveling. Valheim has some mechanics and systems which are unorthodox, and not ordinary compared to other games. Take for example, the leveling system. There isn’t a character level in the game, instead, you will be facing challenges leveling up individual skills and abilities.

Valheim: How to Level Up Fast

This is unorthodox as I said, but it seems as though it is much better than what we’re used to from other games. Now, leveling your skills in this game is a bit tough, but we have some tips for you!

How to Level Up Fast – Valheim

When you die in Valheim, you lose a bit of progress as well as levels and experience. And because there are many powerful creatures that you will face, chances are you’re going to do a lot of it.

Now, for those that want the quickest way to level up skills in Valheim, and aren’t bothered by getting their hands dirty, then you can do it with cheats. But for those that want to do it the old-fashioned hardcore way, it isn’t that difficult.

Here is what you need to do to level up fast in Valheim:


Find a big boulder of a rock somewhere in any biome. This rock is important because you can level up much of your skills on it.


The next thing you need to do is level the ground all around the rock as much as possible. Make sure you level it around it, so that you can build a mid-size structure around it. You can use this template:

After that, you need to do just that – build a structure that is shelter-like. Make walls and roofing for this building, and inside, make sure that you have a campfire and a workbench. The rock needs to be in the middle of the hut.

Make sure that your roof doesn’t have any holes, as well as your walls for this structure. And most important, place flooring around the rock and cover the whole hut.

You will also need to make a chimney for the fire, so that you don’t choke inside the building.

Rested & Resting

This will ensure that you have two buffs – rested and resting. Combined, these buffs will give you as much as 400% Stamina regeneration (most important if you want to level up fast)!

So, all that you need to do now is hit the rock with anything that you want to increase the skill for – axes, swords, etc. When you spend all of your stamina, it will regenerate at lighting speeds.

You can also make a jumping station and place a floor piece directly above your head in order to cancel the jump. This way you will jump twice as much in one minute. All that is left to do is rinse and repeat!

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