Valheim: How to Get Glowing Metal – Flamental Ore



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On your journey in Valheim, the game will take you to harsh and unforgiving environments. The game has a huge progression curve, and you will need to be all in if you want to survive and thrive!

Valheim: How to Get Glowing Metal – Flamental Ore

As you progress, you will need different resources, stronger armor, tools, more reinforced base, and all in all, you will need to go to some places which are deadly to stack up on the needed resources.

Soon enough, you might hit a point at which you will start to need things like flamental ores, surtling trophies, and more!

How to Get Glowing Metal – Valheim Flamental Ore

From the glowing metals, you will get a resource called the flamental ore. This will be a necessity after the third and fourth boss. It can be melted using a blast furnace to get flamental ingots.

But how do you get glowing metal or flamental ore? Well, all you need to do is travel to the Ashlands biome in Valheim in order to start mining this resource.

Since it is an item which is needed much later in the game, you will need to have a pretty strong pickaxe to mine it. It looks like a pile that is glowing and is on fire. As I said, it is called glowing metal.

Because this area is quite hot and unforgiving, you might need to find ways in order to survive in this place. This area is still in development, which means that it might change drastically in the future. For now, you can get a good amount of stuff there.

It is the home for the Surtlings, which are devious creatures and will attack you on sight. These are small flaming creatures, that might also spawn from glowing metals.

If you can’t find any glowing metal, here is a reference picture you can use in order to distinguish which pile you need to mine in the Ashlands:  

Be careful though, as surtlings tend to spawn near glowing rocks the most. It can be said that these are also a nest for surtlings.

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