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Viper is currently one of the best Agents to pick for almost any map in VALORANT. Ever since the toxically-inclined Controller received her game-changing buffs early last year, she has consistently remained a popular pick in competitive and high-level professional games.

VALORANT: 9 Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Haven

Given the rise in popularity of Hybrid Agents lately, it is not hard to see why Viper has become the Controller of choice alongside Astra. Her versatility is one of her most attractive qualities. Viper can fill into any team as both a Controller and a Sentinel on the Attacking and Defending sides. You name it, entry Smokes, Enemy Rush Defense, Post-plants, Viper will deliver in just about any situation.

For now, though, we will focus on Viper’s post-plant prowess via her Snake Bite molly. As you know, Viper players can do simple “lineups” to stall a Spike defuse during post-plant play.

Here are a few Snake Bite lineups you will want to try when playing post-plant in Haven.

Viper Snake Bite

Viper’s Snake Bite is the most powerful molly ability in-game in terms of overall potential damage. Not only does Snake Bite deal decent damage over a few seconds, but it also applies a unique debuff called “Vulnerable.”

Vulnerable is simply a double damage debuff applied to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. (includes teammates as well) Vulnerable amplifies the damage received from basically any source in-game, which means bullets will also deal double damage to anyone affected by Viper’s Snake Bite. Vulnerable lingers for two more seconds after the molly area is vacated.

Viper’s Snake Bite costs 200 credits each and can be equipped for a maximum of two charges per round. Snake Bite has a smaller radius than other molly abilities in the game, but it has a decent duration of 6.5 seconds.

Haven A-site – A-Default Snake Bite Post-plant Lineup

In one of Boaster’s streams, the Fanatic In-game Leader expressed how Haven A-site is a tough bombsite to hold as a Defender. A-site is also almost impossible to retake as a Defender due to the angle advantage that post-plant Attackers have against rotating Defenders.

Viper can further complicate the issue for rotating Defenders with a Snake Bite lineup for Default. As Default is the most common plant spot for Haven’s A-site, a quick Snake Bite molly can delay the bomb defuse for a considerably long time. Just enough time to set the bomb off.

  1. Look for these sandbags just outside A-Lobby:

2. Stand in the corner between the fence and the sandbags:

3. Turn around and look for the raised landforms in the sky:

4. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the upper middle part of the rightmost landform:

5. Launch Snake Bite:

Haven A-site – A-Default Spike Plant For Sewers

The following lineup is a variation of the first Default lineup for Haven A-site. This time, though, the bomb will be planted to give us a direct sightline from Sewers. We can either play passively (using Snake Bite) or actively (peeking) to defend the bomb from the safety of Sewers. When done properly, Snake Bite should land at A-Default:

However, you will have to be extra cautious as the rotating Defenders might try to push you out of Sewers.

  1. Look for this corner in A-Sewers:

2. Stand in the corner, then turn around and look for this tree:

3. Aim for this group of leaves on the tree:

4. Launch Snake Bite:

When done properly, Snake Bite should land on the right side of A-Default:

Haven A-site – A-Drop Plant Snake Bite Lineup

When jumping out of A-Heaven, the boxes you usually drop onto are another great spot to plant the Spike. This spot gives post-plant Attackers a good view of the Spike from the safety of A-main.

For Viper players, a simple Snake Bite lineup can help delay the bomb defuse at Drop.

  1. Stand in the corner of these stacked blocks at A-Main:

2. Look up towards the top of the right-side strap. Aim an inch from the top:

3. Launch Snake Bite:

Trust us, it will not clip the top of the blocks, and it will likely settle at A-drop when done correctly.

Haven A-site – A-Behind Default Snake Bite Lineup

As you might already be noticing, there are many good Spike plant spots on A-site. However, behind Default might be a challenging spot to defend since the enemy smoker will most likely smoke off Sewers and A-Main.

Nevertheless, this plant spot is excellent if you want to play with Viper’s post-plant lineups.

  1. Stand in the corner of the same stacked blocks as the previous lineup at A-Main:

2. Aim along the middle of the two straps holding the blocks in place:

3. Launch Snake Bite:

When done correctly, Snake Bite should land on the planted Spike Behind Default:

Haven A-site – A-Heaven Snake Bite Lineup

Players will always have a better chance at winning duels whenever they are on high ground. With that in mind, it is important to either smoke or molly off A-Heaven to deny Defenders of this advantage. A-Heaven gives the best view towards A-Main when Defending A-site.

We can line up a simple Snake Bite molly to drive off Defenders inside A-Heaven. This lineup will reduce the number of angles that your team has to check on your way to the A-site.

  1. Get on top of these blocks at A-Long:

2. Move slightly to the left until you start to see his slope on the roof. Aim for this spot:

3. Launch Snake Bite:

When done right, Snake Bite should land inside A-Heaven:

Haven B-site – B-Entrance Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

A B-Entrance is a good Spike plant spot that can help the Attackers’ post-plant game immensely. This spot gives post-plant Attackers the best chance at Defending the Spike since:

  1. The Spike is in the direct sightline of any post-plant Attacker holding from Mid-Window or Grass.
  2. The Spike plant spot can be wall banged from Mid-Window. 
  3. Chip-damage utilities are easily spammable on post-plant. (in case the enemy team smokes off B-Entrance)

Most importantly, Viper players can line up a Snake Bite molly from Mid-Window to further deny any chance the Defenders have at defusing the Spike.

  1. Stand anywhere inside Mid-Window:

2. Aim above this square on the wall:

3. Launch Snake Bite while running forward a small distance:

4. The Snake Bite vial should bounce off of the square shape on the wall and land on the planted Spike at B-Entrance:

Haven B-site – B-Entrance Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup from Attacker Spawn

Viper will always be somewhat vulnerable whenever she goes for a post-plant Snake Bite lineup. The entire molly lineup sequence is a relatively quick affair, but a second “dose” is almost always mandatory to seal the post-plant deal.

The delay between launching the first lineup and the wait time to launch the follow-up molly might only be a few seconds apart. However, this might be all the time the Defenders need to sniff you out and kill you.

This following lineup will have Defenders sniffing hard for your whereabouts because this Snake Bite lineup for B-Entrance will be launched from the safety of your own home (Attacker Spawn). Literally.

  1. Look for this corner at Attacker Spawn:

2. Stand in the corner, then turn around and look for this golden bell on top of the B-site structure:

3. Aim just below the middle of the golden bell:

4. Launch Snake Bite:

It is difficult to mess this up. Snake Bite should land on the planted Spike at B-Entrance 99% of the time.

Haven C-site – C-Default Post-plant Snake Bite Lineup

The large Radianite Container at the middle of the C-site might be where 90% of Spike plants occur in Haven. This spot provides cover from Defenders peeking from C-Link while your team is planting the Spike, but it also provides a good sightline (when placed correctly) for post-plant play from C-Main/C-Long.

But of course, since Viper is the star of today’s show, here is a simple post-plant Snake Bite Lineup for Haven C-site.

  1. Stand in this corner at C-Long:

2. Turn around and look for these raised landforms in the sky:

3. Place the tip of the Poison Cloud icon on the tip of the second landform strip from the left:

4. Launch Snake Bite:

When done correctly, Snake Bite should land at C-Default:

Haven C-site – C-Platform/Default Spot Snake Bite Lineup

If your team was denied a Spike plant at the Default spot in C-site, the spot between Platform and the large Radianite Default Container is another great spot to plant the Spike.

This spot gives your team a direct sightline of the Spike from C-Main/C-Lobby. Since the spot is quite open from C-Main, even if Defenders decide to smoke off C-site’s Entrance, your team can ping the Spike’s location and spam a ton of ammo through the smoke.

Or Viper can line up a Snake Bite molly or two. Whichever works.

  1. Go to the same corner at C-Long as the previous lineup:

2. Look for the same landforms in the sky as the previous lineup:

3. Place the tip of the Toxic Screen icon on the right corner of the 2nd strip from the left:

4. Launch Snake Bike:

When done properly, the Snake Bite molly should land at the planted bomb between the Platform and the Radianite Box:

A Toxic Haven

Haven is yet another good place for Viper play (at this point, every map could use a Viper). Viper is a Controller/Sentinel hybrid who does a great Sentinel-esque job at delaying the Attackers’ entry into her bomb site when Defending.

On the Attacker side, Viper can clear out common Defender spots with her molly to reduce the number of angles her team has to clear upon site entry. Her post-plant play with her Snake Bite molly is almost impossible to stop when executed properly.

That is about it! Try out these Snake Bite post-plant lineups whenever you play Viper on Haven.

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