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Do not go dashing around with Jett just yet. Here are the Best Agents for Beginners in VALORANT.

VALORANT: Best Agents for Beginners

It is easy to pick up any random Agent in VALORANT and start shooting people around in Competitive Matches. However, if you are relatively new to the game, chances are you barely know what roles each agent in-game fills.

The Agent you play will not matter as much in the lower ranks, but as players get to a better rank, teammates expect players to play their respective roles in-game.

We have compiled the best starter Agents that can help beginners learn the ins and outs of the game while still providing support and help to teammates when needed.

Best Agents for Beginners

#5 Killjoy

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Killjoy is a Sentinel Agent equipped with a set of molly traps, a Turret, and an Alarmbot that she can use to set up simple traps that allow her to hold down an entire bombsite on her own.

She shines the most on defense, where she can set up traps like the ones featured in our Killjoy Nanoswarm Setups for Ascent to catch rushing Attackers coming into her bombsite.

Beginners will find Killjoy’s gameplay very approachable, as there is not much expected from her other than defending a bombsite with her traps, Turret, Alarmbot, and Ultimate Ability.

#4 Cypher

image 99
Trust us. You don’t want to know what happened here…

Both Cypher and Killjoy rely on setups to defend their respective bombsites. The ability to defend a bombsite solo is one of the only things that teammates expect from Sentinel – Cypher is great at doing just that.

While some players might argue that Cypher is not a beginner-friendly Agent, we beg to differ. On the surface, playing Cypher only really requires a good understanding of where enemies might come from and setting up traps to take advantage of the enemy team’s urgency.

Cypher can also play from safer positions, thanks to his Spycam, which means beginners can set up some awesome Cypher Trap Wire setups and wait for their prey from safer spots around the map.

#3 KAY/O

image 100

KAY/O is an awesome Initiator Agent that scales well with player skill. Newer players can have a lot of fun playing the humanoid robot, thanks to his less complicated set of abilities.

KAY/O’s Signature Ability, ZERO/point, covers a large dome-shaped area wherever the EMP knife lands. Unlike other Initiator Agents such as Sova, KAY/O’s EMP knife does not rely too much on specific lineups to cover a large area around the map. Beginners can throw the knife in willy-nilly and still get decent value out of the ability.

KAY/O’s molly, flash, and Ultimate Ability are also very simple and easy to use. Beginners can throw the abilities wherever they want (within reason) and still extract decent value from them.

#2 Phoenix

image 97

We have the blazing-hot Duelist – Phoenix at number two on our list.

Phoenix is a Duelist, which means that teammates who know better will expect you to lead the charge every round. For beginners, this might seem like a daunting task, especially if you are the kind of player who hates dying first early in the competition.

Fortunately, Phoenix’s kit allows him to enter bombsites with relative ease. His Blaze wall is awesome for blocking off sections of a bomb site so he and his teammates can enter unimpeded, and his Hot Hands molly can clear out common corners and cubbies around the map. His Curveball flash is easy to use once players get a hold of it.

The cherry on top is Phoenix’s ability to heal himself with either Blaze or Hot Hands, so beginners have the option to heal up after taking damage.

Lastly, with his Ultimate Ability, Run It Back, Phoenix can lead bombsite entry without the risk of dying. Oh, and the ability heals Phoenix back up to full health if he uses it while damaged.

#1 Sage

image 101

Beginners will love Sage for her approachable abilities and simple gameplay, which is why she is number one on our list.

Teammates love sage due to her quick heals and ability to resurrect the dead with her Ultimate Ability. As a Sentinel Agent, Sage is also well-equipped with her rush-stopping Wall Orb and Slow Orb combo, allowing Sage to defend entire bombsites on her own.

Beginners can not go wrong with Sage, as she can bring a ton of value to her team even if the player does not have the slightest idea of what’s currently going on in the round. Sage’s Healing Orb and Resurrection are round-changing abilities that beginners can use to turn the tides of battle in their favor.

Welcome to VALORANT

Beginners can not go wrong with any of the five Agents we have listed above. Of course, there are more fun and exciting Agents to choose from VALORANT’s ever-growing Agent roster. However, the five Agents above can help beginners bring a ton of value to their teammates with minimal effort.

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