VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Haven


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Three bombsites? No problem.

VALORANT: Best Cypher Camera Spots on Haven

Picking the right Sentinel Agent on Haven can make or break your team’s effectiveness when playing Defense in VALORANT’s only triple bombsite map. You will need a Sentinel who can easily hold down any bombsite on Haven alone, so your teammates can guard the rest of the bomb sites on the map.

One Sentinel that fits the bill perfectly is Cypher. Not only are his traps very effective in maps with tight corners and lanes (which Haven is, by the way), but he also has one of the best surveillance abilities in the game with his Spycam.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best Cypher Spycam spots on Haven that can give you early information and a good map view of most key lanes.

Best Cypher Camera Spots on Haven A-site

A-site Window Spycam

image 241
image 242

This A-Window Spycam will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire A-site. While it does not provide early information, it does provide an alternative way of seeing what is going on at A-site in case the enemy team smokes off key sightlines.

A-Short Spycam

image 243
Jump on top of Default from A-Window.
image 244

This is one of the best Spycam spots on A-site. It also provides a great view of the A-site. Because of the height of its placement, this Spycam will be out of the line of sight of most players.

A-site Entrance Spycam

image 245
image 246

It is good to have alternative Spycam placements that are difficult to spot and take down. This A-site Entrance Spycam is a great alternative spot if the A-site Window Spycam gets shot down too often.

A-Long Spycam

image 247
Aim for the vase.
image 248

Thanks to Spycam’s generous range, you can easily place a Spycam at the A-Long cubby as soon as the barrier drops. This is great for getting early information on the enemy team since it provides a decent view of A-Lobby.

Best Cypher Camera Spots on Haven B-site

B-site Spycam

image 249
Stand along the edge of the box.
image 250

Cypher is less effective on B-site than any other bombsite on Haven. Nevertheless, if you find yourself holding B-site, this Spycam placement should be out of the line of sight of the enemy team and provide a good view of the entire B-site if both C-Link and A-Link are smoked off.

B-site Entrance Spycam

image 251
image 252

A great alternative Spycam spot that is even more difficult to spot since it is located right above the incoming enemy team’s POV. This Spycam spot should reveal most of the B-site with ease.

Best Cypher Camera Spots on Haven C-site

C-site Platform Spycam

image 253
image 254

This Spycam spot at C-Platform will give you a good view of the entire C-site. The burning effects help hide it from plain sight as well.

C-site Hidden Spycam

image 261
image 262

This Spycam spot is great for playing very defensively on C-site. This placement will be very difficult to spot since it is too high to show up in the enemies’ POV.

C-Long Spycam

image 260
Stand on top of the Default box. Jump a few times while aiming just below the wooden plank.
image 257

This Spycam spot will survive much better than the C-site Post Spycam spot and provide a decent view of C-Cubby, some of C-Long, and most of the C-site.

Watch Your Step

Cypher is great for holding down multiple lanes around Haven. You can easily set up his Trapwire and Cyber Cage to lock down various spots around Haven’s A, B, and C sites.

Nevertheless, what makes Cypher great on Haven is his ability to watch two different lanes with his Spycam. On a map that has more bombsites than five players can defend effectively at once, having another eye is a godsend that can alert and give Cypher’s team the information needed to play Defense on Haven effectively.

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