VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Pearl (Defending)


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Reveal and Trail the Attackers early in the round with these simple Fade Lineups on Pearl.

VALORANT: Best Fade Lineups on Pearl (Defending)

The best thing the Defending team can have early in the round is information about where the Attacking team players are stacking on the map. With early information about enemy positions, the Defending team can easily rotate and fortify a bombsite with more players, increasing the Defending team’s chances of winning the round.

Fade’s Haunt Ability lands fast and activates fairly quickly, which should help Fade reveal enemy positions around the map quickly and reliably.

How to Use Fade’s Haunt Ability?

Pressing the [E] button on your keyboard will equip Fade’s Haunt ability – a cooldown-based recon ability that can reveal and mark enemy locations exposed by its “watcher.”

Fade Haunt Ability Details:

  • Duration: 2 seconds;
  • Cooldown: 40 seconds;
  • Health: 1 HP;
  • Effects: Reveals enemies caught in the ability line of sight. Enemies caught in the line of sight will be Trailed for 12 seconds.

After Fade equips her Haunt ability, she can throw the Haunt orb towards a target location. After landing, a ‘watcher’ will spawn and linger for 2 seconds, revealing anyone along its line of sight.

Fade can opt to immediately drop the orb mid-air to activate the ‘watcher’ sooner by pressing the [E] button again.

Haunt can stick and clip onto just about any horizontal surface around maps, making Fade’s Haunt a lineup-friendly ability that can be thrown towards strategic locations for early information.

Lastly, since Haunt is a cooldown-based ability, it is best to use it early in the round so that the 40-second cooldown can start counting down, which allows the user to equip Haunt again later in the round.

Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Defending

Pearl A-Main/A-Restaurant Early Information Fade Haunt Lineup

A-Main/A-Restaurant is the more direct lane the Attacking team can take to Pearl’s A-site. It will take the Attacking team approximately ten seconds to reach A-site on Pearl from A-Main/A-Restaurant, which should give you enough time to set up for this early information Haunt Lineup.

Throw this easy Fade Haunt Lineup that will land on a pillar at A-Main and Reveal and Trail any Attacker at the A-Main/A-Restaurant area.

  1. Stand in this corner at A-Main:

2. Turn around and look towards this broken pillar:

3. Aim for this crack on the pillar:

4. Left-click-throw Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done properly, Fade’s Haunt Ability should land on a small ledge on the pillar:

And reveal all these spots at A-Main and A-Restaurant:

Pearl Middle Early Information Fade Haunt Lineup

Use this early information Fade Haunt Lineup for Pearl Middle to Reveal and Trail any Attacker that could be flanking from Middle.

  1. Stand in this corner between the box and the wall outside Mid Doors:

2. Aim above this lightbulb and along the roofline:

3. JUMPTHROW Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done correctly, Fade’s Haunt Ability will land on one of the chimneys on the roof:

And Reveal and Trail any Attacking standing around the Middle area:

Pearl B-Ramp Early Information Fade Haunt Lineup

Pearl’s B-Ramp is probably where most of the initial contact between the Attacking and Defending team happens on Pearl.

Use this easy early information Fade Haunt Lineup for B-Ramp so your team can get a quick headcount on the number of Attackers making their way to B-Site.

  1. Stand along with the Middle of this doorframe at B-Tower:

2. Place the upper right corner of the Haunt mouse indicator on this corner on the roof:

3. Left-click-throw Fade’s Haunt Ability:

When done correctly, Fade’s Haunt Ability should land on the roof of the same building:

This Fade Haunt Lineup should easily reveal most of the B-Ramps area:

Tough as Pearls

These Fade Haunt Lineups are easy to line up and very repeatable throughout the course of a match. Of course, remember to mix up your timings, so the enemy team won’t know when your next lineup will land around the map. In addition, feel free to follow up with a Prowler or Seize as soon as Haunt tags the Attacking team. You might be able to pick off one or two players this way.

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