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Smokes are a must for both Attacking and Defending on Bind.

VALORANT: Best Smoke Spots on Bind

Every entryway into either bombsite on Bind is a choke point. Without the proper use of utility, both the Attacking and Defending teams will have difficulty playing around the map.

Bind is a unique map where players only have either A-site or B-site to choose from since the map features just two bomb sites with no middle lane. Lurking isn’t particularly going to be common around the map since the Attacking team will want to use their numbers advantage when taking either bomb site.

Playing Defense around Bind, on the other hand, can also be a stressful experience for the Defending team. The concentrated attacks from the Attacking team can often overwhelm Defenders within either A-site or B-site with ease.

Smokes are essential around Bind for the same reasons it is in just about every other VALORANT Map – smokes can stop, stall, or even force away either the Attacking or Defending teams from their current positions.

With that in mind, here are the Best Smoke Spots on Bind for both Attacking and Defending. Let’s go!

Best Smoke Spots on Bind



When, Where, Why, and How to Smoke in VALORANT

Smokes are very easy to place and use in VALORANT, so players rarely think about where, when, and why they set their smoke utility in the first place.

When you should use your smoke utility is purely situational – depending on how the rest of the round goes, you might be forced to place a smoke somewhere unorthodox to serve a particular purpose.

The questions Where and Why you place your smokes at the beginning of the round are often predetermined, and where you place your smokes only depends on which bombsite on which map your team chooses to attack or defend. 

For the Attacking side, Why you place your smoke is to reduce the enemy’s vision. On the other hand, the Defending side will smoke off lanes and angles to slow the game’s pace down. 

Then there is the question of How to place smoke utilities covered in the article How to Use Smokes Effectively in VALORANT. You should give it a good read to give yourself the best idea of putting smokes correctly in VALORANT. 

Never take smokes for granted in VALORANT. In a game where tons of angles are present in every bombsite, your team will need as much help as you can get through using your team’s smoke utility.

Best Smoke Spots on Bind A-site Attacking

Two spots stand out particularly for Attackers when taking A-site control on Bind – U-Hall/Lamps and A-Heaven/Tower.

First up are U-Hall/Lamps.

U-Hall/Lamps is a critical area for the Defending side because it easily connects the back half of the A-site (from the Tank/Triple Box to A-Heaven/Tower) with the front half (from the Tank/Triple Box to A-Short and A-Baths). Without access to U-Hall, the Defending team will be forced to wait out the smokes from the back half of A-site – costing them a ton of precious time for retaking.

In addition, having control of U-Hall will make the rotating defenders hesitant when pushing out of the Defender Spawn connector.

Smoke further out so the enemy team can’t use the A-Heaven/Tower rafters.

Meanwhile, A-Heaven/Tower is a powerful vantage point for the Defending team, as the sightlines towards A-Short and A-Baths are excellent from A-Heaven/Tower.

If you have another smoke charge to spare, smoking off this spot should completely block the Defending team’s vision towards A-Default.

Therefore, A-U-Hall/Lamps and A-Heaven/Tower are the Best Smoke Spots on Bind A-site Attacking. Smoking off these spots every round should help your team enter A-site safely.

Best Smoke Spots on Bind B-site Attacking

B-site might be the most frustrating bombsite to take on Bind.

Bind’s B-site is often home to the best Sentinel players on the opposing team, where Agents such as Cypher, Killjoy, and Chamber can make quick work of 1vX situations, thanks to their powerful stalling capabilities. Site entry against competitive Sentinel Defenders can be tricky, but a few well-placed smokes can help negate most of their effectiveness.

B-site has a ton of cubbies and tight corners that the Attacking team will have to clear out religiously. B-Elbow and B-site Entrance from Defender Spawn stand out because of the powerful angles these spots provide towards B-Garden and B-Hooka, respectively.

With an Agent such as Brimstone, you can smoke off half of the B-site simultaneously – making it easy for your team to enter and plant the Spike. From there, post-plant should be an easy affair as long as you’ve planted the Spike in the ideal spot, such as the ones featured in our article: The Best Spike Plant Spots (All Maps)

That said, the Best Smoke Spots on Bind B-site Attacking are B-Elbow, the gap between the double box and Default, and the gap between B-Cubby.

Best Smoke Spots on Bind A-site Defending

If there’s one spot on A-site that requires a mandatory smoke every round, A-Short will be the top candidate by a landslide.

Back on the Attacking side section of this article, you learned how A-Short could be difficult to cross as an Attacker, thanks to U-Hall and A-Heaven/Tower. However, Agents such as Jett and Raze can easily cross A-Short in a blink of an eye. All their teammates have to do at this point is smoke or wall out the Tank area and A-Heaven/Tower so they can plant the Spike safely.

Unless your team stacked players on A-site (which is honestly not a bad idea if you have a Sentinel player at B-site), the Attacking team might easily overwhelm A-site with sheer numbers through double entries from A-Short and A-Baths.

Make sure you cover the A-Short boxes so the enemy team can’t use them.

With all of that out of the way, the Best Smokes Spots on Bind A-site Defending are A-Baths Entrance and A-Short – both of which will help stall or even stop an Attacking team rush into Bind A-site.

Make sure you apply our tips on How to Use Smokes Effectively in VALORANT to optimize your use of the Best Smoke Spots for A-site on Defense.

Best Smoke Spots on Bind B-site Defending

The entryways into Bind B-site can be used to great effect when played correctly.

The default smoke spots for Bind B-site is the B-Garden smoke along the entrance and a B-Hooka smoke at the Hooka window. On their own, both of these smoke spots are not bad at all for stalling and blocking the vision of the incoming enemy team.

DIY Killhole 1

Unfortunately, these smoke placements are already dangerously close to B-site itself, and the enemy team might push out of these smokes to use them against you, catching you off guard.

Beginner Controller players haven’t realized how powerful deep smoke placements can be in VALORANT. For example, instead of the B-Garden Entrance smoke mentioned earlier, smoking deep into B-Long will give your team control of much more space outside of B-site – the same is true for a deep Hooka Entrance smoke.

DIY Killhole 2

In a recent Platinum-elo game, where we played Brimstone on Bind, experimenting with deep smoke placements on Bind B-site yielded an interesting result – with deep B-Hooka and B-Long smoke placements, Attackers often gave up taking B-site control altogether.

With this in mind, the Best Smoke Spots on Bind B-site Defending are B-Hooka Entrance and a B-Long, provided you have someone on your team watching both spots.

Smokes Win Games

Thanks to the omission of a traditional middle lane, there will be fewer spots around Bind that require smokes, saving your team precious utility that you can use elsewhere.

While some of the Best Smoke Spots on Bind can be smoked off by Brimstone on his own, the other smoker Agents such as Astra and Omen should have no problems smoking off most of these spots around the map as well.

Smoking off the spots featured in this article will help Attackers enter either A-site or B-site with relative ease. On the other hand, these smoke spots will help Defenders slow down or completely stop an incoming Attacker rush into either A-site or B-site.

So, there you have it! Hopefully, you learned a lot by reading this article on the Best Smoke Spots on Bind. Read the Best Smoke Spots on Haven to learn more about the excellent smoke placements on that map.

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