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Bind is one of the more straightforward maps in VALORANT in terms of bombsite takes. Unlike some of the other maps in VALORANT, Bind does not feature a “Middle” area in its map layout. The map is simply an A and B site layout, making things simpler for both Attackers and Defenders.

VALORANT: The Best Team Composition For Bind

Site entry points into any of the two bomb sites in Bind are choke points. As such, Agents who can effectively cover these points (defending) and clear out corners and cubbies on the way to the site (Attacking) are the most valuable Agents on Bind.

With this in mind, here are the strongest Agents currently on Bind. Let’s go!

The Best Team Composition on Bind: Sova, Raze, Sage, Skye, Astra


Sova does his best recon work in maps with wide-open spaces. Bind’s two bomb sites have a relatively open and spacious skybox free of obstacles such as tall towers and walls, unlike maps such as Split. Sova’s Signature Ability, Recon Bolt, can be easily lined-up and placed, so it reveals most of the bomb sites in Bind.

Likewise, Sova’s Owl Drone is very useful in Bind as it can easily clear corners in Hooka, Showers, and A-short.

Our Russian Initiator’s quick benching back in Split expectedly did not last long, as Sova is one of the best Initiators in the game who works wonders on about any map.


Raze also took a quick back seat in Split, no thanks to Jett, who honestly does so much more for her team on Split. However, on Bind, Raze is the superstar Duelist who edges out Jett ever so slightly in terms of overall damage.

Bind is full of chokepoints and tight alleys towards either of the two bomb sites. Raze’s Paint shells work well here, as her grenades can cover a ton of space and deal a boatload of damage to enemies around the tight entryways. Likewise, thanks to Bind’s narrow alleyways, Raze’s Boom Bot can easily clear out tight corners and cubbies as well.

However, the most powerful ability in Raze’s kit on Bind is her Double Satchels. With Raze’s Double Satchels, she can cover a ton of space upon site entry and pave the way for her teammates to safely enter the bomb site.

Overall, Raze is a very powerful and versatile Agent on Bind. Her abilities are accentuated by the site layout, which, overall, help her become a more viable pick than arguably the best Duelist in Jett on Bind.


Sage is a great pick on any map with tight and narrow entryways into the bomb site. Her Wall Orb is a very effective rush-stopper, and her slow is great for delaying the enemy team’s push.

With only two bomb sites on Bind, flanking will be a breeze for you and your team (if you’re playing Defense) when the enemy team decides to give up their cover and shoot down your wall to enter the site. When Attacking, Sage’s Wall Orb can effectively split A-site into 1/3 when her wall is placed correctly outside Showers or Tank.

Sage will have that added benefit of being able to heal her teammates and revive them whenever she acquires a full charge on her ultimate.


Having two Initiators in one team would seem like overkill, especially when Sova is already in the lineup, but hear us out for a moment.

We keep reiterating how narrow the entryways into either A or B bombsite in Bind is. Defending will almost always be a cinch because of how predictable and easy it is to pre-aim these entryways. To counteract this, your team’s Initiators will have to clear out every tight corner on your team’s way to the site.

Skye’s Flash and Trailblazer can easily push away Defenders hiding in cubbies and key areas around Bind such as Hooka, U-Hall, and Showers. Skye’s combination of abilities can potentially grant your team an easy hall pass into any of the two bomb sites as any Defender lurking around these spots will be flashed to kingdom come by Skye’s Guiding Light.


The last spot on this Bind Roster goes to Astra. Astra does her best work on maps with a ton of chokepoints, as Astra can use these choke points to set up her smokes, concussive blast, and most importantly, her Gravity Well.

She is also a versatile smoker who can place smokes from basically anywhere on the map. Thanks to her cooldown-based smokes, she can also re-smoke areas other areas on the map as needed.

Overall, Astra is an amazing Agent on Bind who can play the Sentinel role on Defense and a Smoker role on Attack.

Team Bind

Bind’s straightforward layout helps Agents like Raze and Astra do their best work thanks to their powerful area-of-effect abilities. Initiators such as Sova and Skye can help their team by clearing corners and pushing away enemies lurking within cubbies and close corners on the map. Sage is an awesome Support Agent who does well in just about any map in VALORANT, Bind being no exception.

That is about it! These are the most powerful Agents currently on Bind. This well-rounded roster is geared for both Attacking and Defending on Bind and can make quick work of site takes and site defense. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates and patches that might shuffle around an Agent or two in this lineup. For now, though, it does not get any better than this.

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