VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Ascent (Post-plant)


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You will not have to teach this old dog anything – Brimstone knows every trick in the book.

VALORANT: Brimstone Molly Lineups on Ascent (Post-plant)

Brimstone has long dwelled in the lower tiers of VALORANT Agents for way too long, which is a shame given that the VALORANT Protocol Commander is a powerful Controller Agent that possesses one of the strongest smoke and incendiary abilities in VALORANT.

The recent Patch 4.04 sought to change the Controller meta by giving meta-defining Agents such as Astra and Viper some well-deserved nerfs. On the other hand, less popular Controllers such as Omen and Brimstone are given decent ability buffs to help them shine just a bit more in the meta. The recent buffs given to Brimstone will help him see more use in more maps for both Pro-play and Ranked Matches.

With this in mind, now might be the best time to learn some post-plant Molly Lineups to compliment his Stim Beacon and Sky Smoke’s newfound strength.

Brimstone Incendiary

Brimstone’s Incendiary is one of the most powerful Incendiary-type Ability for stalling Spike-defuses, and enemy rushes in VALORANT.

Like all other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT such as Viper’s Snake Bite and Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, Brimstone’s Incendiary has a standard radius of five meters. It is decently priced at 250 Credits and has a decent Equip Time of 1.1 seconds.

image 269

What sets Brimstone’s Incendiary apart from every other incendiary-type Abilities in VALORANT is the ridiculous seven-second (minimum) duration. In a fast-paced game such as VALORANT, where every single second counts, Brimstone’s Incendiary is an insanely powerful stalling tool for both the Attacking and Defending sides. 

For comparison, Viper’s Snake Bite only lasts a minimum of 5.5 seconds, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm only lasts 4 seconds. All the other incendiary-type Abilities are not worth comparing since everyone else’s burns out faster than both Viper’s and Killjoy’s incendiary abilities.

The insanely quick damage it deals towards enemies within its radius (60/second) makes Brimstone’s Incendiary the ultimate post-plant incendiary-ability in VALORANT.

Ascent A-site: A-Generator Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

Even though more experienced players argue that A-Generator is not the best place to plant the Spike in Ascent’s A-site, many players from every rank still plant for A-Generator. This makes A-Generator one of the most common Spike Plant spots on Ascent.

image 275

If you want to know the best spots for Spike Plants on all maps in VALORANT, check out this PlayerAssist article on the best Spike Plant spots for all maps.

Here is a quick and easy Incendiary Lineup for post-plant on A-Generator:

  1. Stand in this corner between the stacked Radianite boxes and the wall in A-Main:
image 270

2. Turn around and look towards the rift in the sky:

image 271

3. Place the left tip of the Incendiary icon in the V-shaped dip on the rift, then move it a bit to the left until the tip is in the middle of the left rift:

1 8
2 10
3 8

4. Fire Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 272

When the Incendiary is lined up properly, it should land and cover the entire A-Generator/Default area:

image 274

Ascent A-site: A-Generator/Default Post-plant Incendiary Lineup from Short Cubby

Depending on which side of A-site you control post-plant, you might play post-plant from Short Cubby.

image 278

It is crucial to launch the same lineups from different parts of the map to ensure that you can cover areas such as A-Generator/Default from basically anywhere on the map.

Here is a quick and easy Incendiary Lineup for A-Generator/Default from Short Cubby.

  1. Walk into the corner with the adorable Dog Grafitti in Short Cubby:
image 276
image 277

2. Look up towards the dome-shaped machine on the roof:

image 279

3. Take your knife out, then align the bottom-right slope of the Sky Smoke icon on top of the dome’s left shoulder:

4 8

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 280

When the Incendiary is lined up properly, it should cover the A-Generator/Default area completely.

image 281

Ascent A-site: A-Double Box/Dices Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

The following Incendiary lineup is for A-Double Box/Dices. The Incendiary will be launched from the same spot in A-Main as the previous A-Generator/Default Lineup.

image 284

A-Double Box/Dices is the best spot for Spike Plants on Ascent’s A-site, and this area is already a perfect spot for post-plant play from A-Main. This Incendiary Lineup will further seal the deal and help your team secure the round.

  1. Stand in the corner between the stacked Radianite Boxes and the wall at A-Main:
image 282
image 283

2. Look up towards the rift in the sky:

image 285

3. Place the right tip of the HP HUD line on this spot on the rift:

5 9
6 5

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 286

When the Incendiary is lined up properly, it should cover the A-Double Box/Dices area perfectly.

image 287

Ascent A-site: A-Double Box/Dices Post-plant Incendiary Lineup from Short Cubby

Following the trend of being able to line up the same Incendiary from two different spots, here is an A-Double Box/Dices Incendiary Lineup from Short Cubby:

image 289
  1. Stand in the corner with the Good Boi on Short Cubby:
image 288

2. Look up towards the rift in the sky:

image 290

3. Place the upper left corner of the Incendiary mouse indicator on the tip of the rightmost rift in the sky:

7 6
image 291

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 293

When the Incendiary is lined up properly, it should cover the entire A-Double Box/Default area with zero problems:

image 294

Ascent B-site: B-site Default Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

B-Default is still one of the most common Spike Plant spots on Ascent B-site.

image 295

B-Default/Triple Box serves the same purpose as the A-site Generator/Default area. While planting, B-Default/Triple Box provides decent cover from enemy fire coming from B-Stairs and not much else.

However, despite it not being an ideal Spike Plant spot for post-plant play, this spot in B-site remains one of the most common Spike Plant spots in Ascent B-site.

Here is a quick Brimstone Molly to cover the B-Default area on post-plant.

  1. Stand in this corner in B-Main:
image 296
image 297

2. While still hugging the back wall, move left until a tiny crack can be seen from the B-Main entrance:

image 298

3. Aim for the gap between these two branches:

8 5
image 299

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 300

When done correctly, Brimstone’s Incendiary should cover the entire B-Default area:

image 301

Ascent B-site: B-Default Post-plant Incendiary Lineup from B-Lobby

The trend of having alternate lineups for the same common Spike Plant spots continues for B-site.

image 311

Depending on how the rest of the round goes, you might hold B-site on post-plant from B-Main. In this case, you will need to line up your Incendiary from B-Lobby.

Here is an easy B-Default Incendiary Lineup from B-Lobby.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Lobby
image 302
image 303

2. Look for this red triangle on the roof:

image 304

3. Place the bottom tip of the Incendiary Mouse Indicator on the tip of the red triangle:

9 4

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 305

When lined up properly, Brimstone’s Incendiary should land at B-Default and cover the entire area:

image 313

Ascent B-site: B-Tall Box Post-plant Incendiary Lineup

B-Tall Box is an underrated Spike Plant spot for Ascent’s B-site. The B-Tall Box can be wall banged from the other side of the Tall Box and the Switch area.

image 310

Planting the Spike in this spot limits the number of angles available to defusers to just B-Lane, so it is probably best if you or your teammates plant the Spike in this area.

Here is a post-plant Incendiary lineup for good measure as well.

  1. Stand in this corner at B-Lobby:
image 306

2. Look up towards this control box on the B-Main wall:

image 307

3. Take the crosshair on the Incendiary Mouse Indicator and align it with this small dark circle on the control box:

10 4
image 308

4. Launch Brimstone’s Incendiary:

image 309

If lined up correctly, the Brimstone Incendiary should land at B-Tall Box with zero problems:

image 310

Fire’s Out!

Good timing is required to use these lineups to their fullest. When timing these lineups, do not forget to take Brimstone’s Incendiary bounces into account. It might take a while before the fire from the Incendiary grenade fully spreads around the target area.

Seven seconds is a lot of time in VALORANT. Use that to your advantage! Seven seconds will feel like an eternity to your enemies, especially if the Spike is only a few more seconds from detonation. These Brimstone Incendiary lineups will put even more pressure on the Defending team post-plant.

There is about it! Make sure you visit the PlayerAssist website to avoid missing out on excellent gaming guides, gaming news, game codes, and more!

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